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Björk and the DNA

Björk, the extraordinary singer, released a new music video with her son Hollow which features a DNA animation created by biomedical animator Drew Berry. Enjoy!

The video for the song could be a documentary of a strange alien world or the beginning of life on Earth. Every frame is bursting with hyperactive life. It’s an odd feeling, watching DNA strands twist and form as small bits of proteins scurry around in the background. This is the unceasing chaos that is going on inside every one of us. The video could be a piece of a museum explaining our biological process were it not for the strange molecular face that appears near the end. That little addition adds a touch of mysticism to the piece and puts a small bit of humanity in a universe of mindless chemical processes.

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  1. Berci, This is very cool. And I’m a Bjork fan. But as for representing DNA, this piece fails any reality check. Obvious to you and me, but there’s probably a a fourth grader, or for that matter a college freshman somewhere who’s sharing this “DNA video” with her classmates. How misinformation propagates –

    March 11, 2012
  2. Elaine, the article I linked to mentions that this is a semi-scientific approach (I would say no-scientific).

    March 11, 2012

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