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iPads for Heart Patients: Mayo Clinic Rocks Again

A great initiative coming from Mayo Clinic again:

Being in the hospital after major surgery is no fun. On top of dealing with pain, patients have uncertainty. They also have to worry about getting all the information they need to support their recovery. That’s not always easy in the hospital; things happen quickly and doctors and hospital staff are often really busy. Doctors at Mayo Clinic may have a solution to this issue. They’re giving iPads to heart surgery patients to see if a new iPad app can make hospital stays easier and more satisfying.

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  1. A very useful aid for patients.

    April 14, 2012
  2. This is outstanding !

    In my experience, many times when the physician or nurse is making the rounds, the patient may not be in the the frame of mind to absorb what is being said. They may have a lot questions of their own.

    Having a user friendly device like this, with all the graphic, video and voice capabilities, can provide the patient the opportunity to visualize, learn and prepare to ask questions in their own time.

    When you think about the cost of nurses and other personnel and the shortage, this is also a very cost effective way to communicate,

    Jack J Florio
    CBO, LiquidGrids

    April 16, 2012

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