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Google Book Search and Medical Education: Video Interview

Joshua Schwimmer, the most famous kidney doctor and blogger, had an interview with the Google team about using Google Book Search in medical education:

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  1. Atul Gawande, Google Books, really? I love Gawande’s personal experiences, and his narrative flair. I understand he points out the significance of emergency pathology, and the thought process this passage reveals about doctors’ medical decision making. But, while on service residents may find the portion of the relevant book won’t be free on Google, and knowing how to use Medline, or other of the emergency room’s electronic resources is far better for the patient’s outcome and safety. My thoughts as a Clinical Medical Librarian who does inpatient rounds with medical students, and residents. Judicious choice of online books, blogs, and other socially focused tools have value, I agree, but are not for practicing evidence-based medicine.

    July 15, 2012
    • You have very valid points, Susan, but in some cases I found myself important pieces of information via Google Books.

      July 26, 2012

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