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A Brain Cancer and Its Open Data: The Cure Through Crowdsourcing

Salvatora Laconesi is an Italian man who recently found out he has brain cancer. Being a good coder, he cracked the code of his medical records and made the data open source so then anyone can analyze it (researchers, medical professionals, artists, etc.). This is the approach ePatient Dave regularly talks about: Let Patients Help!

Here is what happened to him:

  • I have a brain cancer.
  • I went to get my digital medical records.
  • Sadly they were in a closed, proprietary format.
  • I cracked them.
  • Shared them with everyone.
  • 2 of them already replied.
  • Grab the information about my disease, if you want, and give me a CURE: create a video, an artwork, a map, a text, a poem, a game, or try to find a solution for my health problem.
  • This is a CURE. This is my OPEN SOURCE CURE.

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  1. Adam Stelten #

    Use the essential oil Frankinsence

    Also do the Gerson Therapy.

    May God bless you and heal you!!


    September 30, 2012
  2. Madelynn #

    Do you live in the US? Have you heard of/ researched the bruzinski clinic in Texas,/ or Dr. James Forsythe Clinic in Reno Nevada.? I am trying to figure out a way to raise $$ ( My Ins won’t pay for such advanced treatments)so I can go to most likely the Clinic in Nevada, I live in AZ. Ben fighting a breast cancer for 2yrs 10 months. It left me alone for a full yr. when I was getting surgeries done in 2011 every 2 months til’ Oct 2011, was finished. Then as I was ready to get back out into life, jobs opportunities so on, as I was so isolated during this horrible time, I was looking forward to LIFE. Well, it decided to come back, they removed those lesions, 5 weeks ago, back again, 10th surgery performed last week.. Both of these clinics have put the worse case scenerio cancers in remission. Please check them out & let me know your thoughts, I hope this helps you.. check out on you tube the Incurables, Valarie Mason parts 5 and 6…. Wishing you Healing,, Madelynn

    October 5, 2012

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