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Microsoft Lync tries to improve patient care and clinical workflow

Have you seen the latest innovation of Microsoft? To be honest, I’ve been using Microsoft OS since the first time I used a computer so I watch their developments closely. Now they came up with a solution for improving clinical workflow. I haven’t given Windows 8 a try yet, but it seems it’s going to happen soon.

To help you understand the tools being used by the most progressive healthcare organizations today, we’ve prepared a short video. I think it effectively demonstrates why there’s more to contemporary clinical workflow and patient care than having an electronic medical record at your fingertips. Take a look at the video and then continue reading.


Home health nurses are using it to check on clients remotely and lessen the frequency of travel.

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  1. Nice blog.
    Software companies would be critical for the future of medicine as more and more data generating from the different “omics” is needed to analyzed to create a virtual data cloud over each patient.

    November 30, 2012
  2. Priyanka #

    Thanks for posting this. I am currently in a class where we have discussed the influence of EMRs on the physician-patient relationship. While we have talked about how the format of EMRs affects the transference of patient data from the patient narrative to EMRs as well as how it affects how diagnoses are made, we did not really delve too far into how the format affects collaboration. In fact, before watching these videos, I was under the impression that the sharing capabilities of EMRs enhanced collaboration. However, watching these videos made be realize that there is actually a gap in how medical information is presented in EMRs and how healthcare professionals can interact with it.

    I think that Microsoft has identified a critical weak point in patient care and has developed, what appears to be, a very useful product. As the video states, “patient care involves way more than just that raw data.” With the widespread implementation of EMRs due to their ease of storage and sharing, I think the assumption was made, or at least I made the assumption, that EMRs themselves would improve clinical workflow. However, I now realize that EMRs store raw data on patients along with physician notes. And while physicians’ notes can be stored in EMRs, very few interfaces like Microsoft Lync exist for multiple physicians to interactively collaborate on this raw data. Therefore, I think that there is definitely a market for a product such as Lync for use in hospitals and other medical settings.

    December 4, 2012
  3. Microsoft brings several beneficial changes in different sector and medical care sector are also get sufficient support from Microsoft. As well known with the fact that technology plays a vital role in developing medical care system; so here we have found that how Microsoft’s technologies are used in medical care system to provide patient better care.

    October 2, 2013

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