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The Future of Medical Records: Visualized

Designers dreamed up what the future of medical records will be like. You might remember when Wired reported the blood test makeover. It is inevitable to create medical records that can be better interpreted not only by patients but medical professionals as well.

The practical concerns pointed out by the study include ease of use and ability to share information across systems. But another important metric — the corollary to questions like Would You Want to See Everything Your Doctor Writes About You?” — is, What would you, the patient, do with that information provided you were granted access?

The federal government took the Department of Veterans Affairs’ current record system, which “looks and feels like a receipt,” and challenged designers to reimagine the Continuity of Care Document, an EMR output used to describe a patient’s health history.


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  1. What I love most from the Atlantic article is not the image you chose here, but actually the lab results. So much easier to read than the usual lab results. I am also interested in how the “symptom clusters” could be used to communicate with patients for whom translators are not available. I’ve always been interested in using visuals!

    January 22, 2013

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