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This is your Face on the Internet, and you might need to Wash it!

I’ve come across a very interesting  service,, that offers to wash all the non-desirable content from your social media accounts. It says after graduation, a professional life should start with erasing all the party photos and other materials.

While I agree with its mission, it should be performed by medical professionals themselves; and I teach medical students how to avoid such potential problems in time.


Now it only works with Facebook, in details, this way:

  • FaceWash™ will perform a search and return results in conceptual chunks, for example “Comments posted on your wall” and “Links that you have liked.”
  • Each result has a blue, clickable link that takes you directly to the post. There you can delete or privatize your post as desired.
  • Welcome to the cleanest Face you’ve ever had on Facebook.
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  1. Emrah Kırımlı #

    Seems good but they changed the link

    February 15, 2013
  2. FANTASTIC idea. Thank you for sharing this – and the new link. Imagonna use it, and recommend it.

    February 21, 2013

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