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The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media: In the Advisory Board Again!

It’s an honor to serve my second year as a member of the Advisory Board of The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. Let’s work together for a better healthcare worldwide with the help of social media.

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients.


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  1. Please educate yourself about failed implanted medical devices. Patients are being harmed and denied their civil rights while the device industry corrupts our elected officials and disarms our regulatory system. Surgical mesh, metal on metal hips: these are the tip of the iceberg. The jobs and innovations of the medical device industry do not justify exploiting vulnerable patients and being unaccountable for product failures. Read up about this at Consumers Union Safe Patient Project. Thank you!

    February 24, 2013
    • Thank you for the tip!

      February 25, 2013
      • Today a New Jersey jury awarded a South Dakota woman $3.35M for implanted surgical mesh in a bellweather trial. 7k more lawsuits follow this one. JNJ, Johnson and Johnson is the defendant for this and MoM (metal on metal hips). You cannot put “Humpty Dumpty” together again. Lawsuits are too late! Put science before profit and marketing!

        February 25, 2013

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