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Attending Medicine X at Stanford and Taking a Look at The Future of Medicine

It was an honor to be invited to do a master class at Medicine X taking place at Stanford University.  I conducted a 90-minute Master Class on teaching social media in the health sciences. Also, I gave a talk about my journey of becoming a futurist from a doctor; I was on the #whatifHC panel and had a walking tour. These were busy, and thanks to the organizer Larry Chu, MD, insightful and productive four days. See you there next year as well!

A few thoughts I had after getting insights about the future of medicine at the conference:

  • E-patients were massively represented in the event which should be an example for all upcoming conferences dedicated to these topics.
  • Balance is needed as I’m pretty sure e-patients cannot and should not make a revolution without medical professionals being involved in it. This is why we have to train doctors do be ready for the digital era.
  • Google Glass keeps on showing potentials in medicine and healthcare. In CPR training, augmented reality applications and even in fitness, it has the chance to shine.
  • Talking about that, I just got my Shine, a wearable fitness gadget which I’ve been testing for days and quite like it.
  • Gamification seems to be the key to persuading people to live a healthy lifestyle (e.g Lumosity, Moodhacker).
  • Smart Patients can become the leading patient community site and take the position of Patientslikeme.
  • Every country needs an Epatient Dave, a Jack Andraka and a Regina Holliday.

During my presentation: “From Doctor to Futurist”


During my walking tour.


On the #whatifHC panel.


Regina Holliday’s painting.


The event was called summer camp for a reason.


Experimenting with the Google Glasses of Rafael Grossmann and Christian Assad.

Stanford interview

Giving an interview.


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  1. @cascadia #

    thanks for the summary and your contributions to MedX and the global #ehealth community

    sherry reynolds aka @cascadia

    October 4, 2013

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