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Tim O’Reilly About the Future of Medicine

Tim O’Reilly had a comment on the future of medicine when he gave an interview to the FutureMed staff.

[vimeo 29052688]
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  1. johnbennett70 #

    Hello Berci
    Wow, these words were spoken in 2011, and are certanly relevlant today.
    William Gibson: “The Future is Here, it is just not evenly distributed”
    What a thought! Like all great thoughts, it helps our perspectives in digital health care.
    Advances in bioengineering, genomics, nanotechnology are sometimes not intended for medicine, but by future med guys can be translated and utilized in medicine.
    That is why, I feel, Internet Medicine is going to be a specialty someday; we need internet medicne specialists to more efficiently, and effectively translate advances in other fields into healthcare, which would be expedited by a doctor that knew both internet technology and medicine.

    October 10, 2013

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