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The Hard Life of a Medical Futurist: Winter is Coming

I just received some books I plan to read in the next couple of weeks. As I mentioned earlier, in my journey of becoming a medical futurist from a doctor, I need to retrain myself and such books are of great help. Have I missed something from the recently published ones?

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    It looks like a pretty broad reading list. As a result, I think I would include a number of additional works, popular and less popular.

    Certainly Taleb’s Black Swan
    Also, Walker’s Human Transit

    Because so much of being a successful futurist is correctly interpreting and presenting information, places like FlowingData (he has published some books, but the website is more significant), Rbloggers, SimplyStatistics, and Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science. Possibly SoftwareCarpentry.

    Not Running a Hospital is also very interesting.

    There are certainly others, depending on your relative focus: microbiome? -omics? economics? social science? mental health? neuroscience? infectious disease?

    November 19, 2013

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