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From Doctor to Futurist: Step #7 The First Real Steps

After fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a doctor and a geneticist, I decided to make a brave change in my academic career and tried to merge my two selves: the doctor and the geek. As there was no profession like that, I created one. This is how I started discovering the steps needed to become a medical futurist. There is no clear path or course for that, therefore I try to reveal more and more pieces of information about this exciting journey in a series of blog entries.

I clearly described my mission and the reasons behind becoming a medical futurist before and it was time to contribute to this field in many ways. When I published my white paper, The Guide to the Future of Medicine with those 40 trends I think will shape the future, the feedback was amazing. By creating the #MedicalFuture hashtag in collaboration with Symplur, the plan was to centralize the flow of information focusing on the future of medicine & healthcare.

Similarly to how I strategically collected networks focusing on filtering the news in the topic of  “
healthcare-social media”, I use the same method for building networks around myself in the field of futuristic studies. This is one of the reasons why I’ve dedicated a lot of efforts to the Medical Futurist Newsletter, a free, daily newsletter selecting the key news items every single day.

I had a chance to contribute to the FUTURIST magazine managed by the World Future Society which is a good way to get some exposure for my white paper and to get introduced to the futurist communities.


I keep on improving my knowledge about foresight and the methods used in futuristic studies; attend conferences such as the recent Singularity Summit Europe and test services/tools/products that lead to the future of medicine.

fotó (1)

The John Kemény Award I got from the  John von Neumann Computer Society for my research and other activities in computer science is a fantastic recognition. Moving forward, I work hard on completing my new mission: bringing disruptive technologies and innovations to everyday healthcare.


In order to reach this, I still have to learn the tricks of the methods used in foresight and futuristic studies; contribute more to this field and find a way to introduce the profession of “medical futurist” to the industry. I’ll keep on sharing the steps required for these.

Steps taken so far:

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  1. Berci, I’m always thinking you are incredible… It’s fantastic how can you look so far from your nose and try to find new ways to help others… And to configure the medicine in a closest form between doctors and patients… Congratulations for your award, your last paper and all the ideas rounding in your mind and following your heart.
    Hugs from Mexico,

    December 4, 2013

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