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Visual Map of Your Online Presence

Paulo Nuin shared this interesting link today on his Friendfeed account. I’m not sure Personas works perfectly, but shows some useful things about what people can find when they do a search for your name online. You insert your name, then let it visualize everything. In details:

Enter your name, and Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterize the person – to fit them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. The computational process is visualized with each stage of the analysis, finally resulting in the presentation of a seemingly authoritative personal profile.

personas berci

It turned out my keywords are online, education and medical. Seems to be pretty accurate.

The Next Generation of Doctors: Video

Indu Subaiya from the Health 2.0 conference contacted me this March because they wanted to do some interviews with medical students about the future of medicine. I should have attended the Health 2.0 conference to be able to do the interview, but I had an exam of internal medicine on that very day so we decided to shoot my answers in Budapest and send the tapes to San Francisco. I only saw the short film yesterday. Click on the image if you want to see it.

next generation of doctors

I talked about health 2.0, our Second Life case presentations and other virtual tools. My conclusion was:

It’s not the technology or web 2.0 that will shape the future of medicine, but e-patients will change the way medicine is practised and healthcare is delivered.

I had the same message in my recent presentation:

Scifoo: A visit to the Navigenics HQ

Last weekend, I attended the fantastic Scifoo unconference at the Googleplex (see the Flickr images of Duncan Hull), but one day before the event, I was invited to visit the HQ of Navigenics, one of the most famous direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies. As I just started PhD in the field of personalized genetics and had my genome analyzed by them, I felt like a kid in a candy shop and asked them many questions.

So on Friday, I took the Caltrain and went to Redwood City. Then Julie Lyons drove me to Navigenics HQ.


Here is the official sign of the company.


For some reason, I thought the HQ would be different from an ordinary office, but I realized that’s the only way they can co-ordinate almost 50 people. Genetic counselors, medical doctors, PR people, scientists and the employees reponsible for the online presence of Navigenics. See the Twitter account.


And believe me, being a medical advisor at such a company must be a dream job.


It was a great experience for me to see how such a company operates and I was pleased to see how they treat bloggers and their Twitter followers. More about the topic this week on Scienceroll…

Health 2.0 Conference in Bilbao, Spain

Tomorrow, I will travel to Bilbao, Spain to attend a great Health 2.0 event where I will give a slideshow focusing on the implications of web 2.0 for medical professionals.

Hopefully, I will tweet and blog live about the whole conference on Thursday.

See you soon!

Better Health Network: Newest Member is Scienceroll

I’m very thankful to Val Jones, MD who gave me the opportunity to become the newest member of the unique blog network of Better Health where you will find a Scienceroll post once a week from now.

Better Health is a network of popular health bloggers, brought together by Dr. Val Jones, founder and CEO. Participating bloggers maintain their own individual blog sites, but offer a portion of their content to Better Health for syndication purposes. Better Health maintains a blog feed that is featured on participating blogger, partner, and supporter websites. Our network reaches approximately 10 million unique users per month and is growing.

Better Health’s mission is to support and promote healthcare professional bloggers, provide insightful and trustworthy health commentary, and help to inform health policy makers about the provider point of view on healthcare reform, science, research, and patient care.

better health

Let’s Interact!

A short note about some ways we can interact more easily.

1) You can follow me on Twitter.

2) You can send me an e-mail if you have some interesting links or tips for Scienceroll.


3) You can follow my blog through RSS:

4) You can find me on Friendfeed:


5) We can also meet in Second Life:

Mesko SL avatar small

Nijmegen: A Trip into the World of Health 2.0

Lucien Engelen invited me to give a presentation at a Health 2.0 event in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I spent 3 wonderful days there and the attendants seemed to be very open to the world of health 2.0.


The conference at the LUX centre


Lucien and me

I had a Second Life workshop where I talk about the medical implications of the virtual world. Then also had a presentation where I focused on e-patients. I hope I can publish the slideshow tomorrow.


Preparations for my Second Life workshop

I met great people there so what I can say to my Dutch friends: Dank u well!!

For more information, check the #zorg20 tag on Twitter.

All the slideshows were published on DigiCMB, including this one:

UPDATE: Flickr slideshow

Depression 2.0 Webicina Package on the Event

Lucien Engelen invited me to give a presentation about “the future of medicine in the web 2.0 world” this Tuesday (March, 24) in Nijmegen at a Health 2.0 event that will promote a great new site for acut care, I will also do a Second Life workshop.

There will be a tweetup the night before the event. See you there!


I’m glad to announce I will make the newest medical web 2.0 guidance package public during my keynote. The topic, based on your votes, is depression, so be ready for the Depression 2.0 package. You may remember the Diabetes 2.0 package as well.

I hope I can tweet and blog live from Nijmegen (will stay there between 23-35 March).

Medical Educator Interview

Medical Educator is a unique service for medical students. They provide students with tests, quizzes, exams, videos and plenty of useful information. Now they made an interview with me about and my future.


BioCrowd Podcast: Web 2.0 and the Future of Medicine

This Tuesday, I got a chance to do a podcast with Clifford Mintz and Vincent Racaniello who are behind BioCrowd, a social network for bioscience professionals.


I really enjoyed the conversation that you can download here, as Cliff and Vincent have great ideas about the future of medicine.

You can follow BioCrowd on Twitter, on their blog or just join the huge community there.


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