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Art on the Human Skin and Dermatographia

Ariana Page Russell is an artist and has dermatographia which is a skin condition described by Mayo

Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, red lines where you’ve scratched. It’s not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. In dermatographia, the skin cells are overly sensitive to minor injury, such as scratching. Signs and symptoms of dermatographia include redness, itching and swelling similar to hives.


So she painlessly draw patterns and words on her skin, and photograph these. Unique, isn’t it?

(From Crooked Brains)

10 Tips: Christmas Gifts for Science Geeks!

Just 2 days to go before Christmas, so here is a list of possible ideas and gifts that a real science geek should buy or should get…











What are your tips?

A couple of more ideas:

Art in Petri Dishes

I have to admit that I’m a fan of Crooked Brains. Now, here are some special Petri dishes made by Eshel Ben-Jacob from the School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University. I know it has nothing to do with web 2.0 or personalized genetics but I think some fellow bloggers will like these even more than I do (AJ?)

They illustrate the coping strategies that bacteria have learned to employ, strategies that involve cooperation
through communication. These selfsame strategies are used by the bacteria in their struggle to defeat our best antibiotics.

Thus, if we understand the mechanisms behind the patterns, we can learn how to outsmart the bacteria – for example, by tampering with their communication – in our ongoing battle for our health.



Anatomical heart made from candy hearts

Monday Fun… Check out the sculptures of Nathan Sawaya and don’t miss the Candy Heart:


(Via Neatorama and BoingBoing)

Order Your DNA Portrait!

Deepak Singh, the author of BBGM, shared an interesting link with us through Twitter. You can get your own DNA portrait at DNA 11. In the era of personalized genetics, it’s a perfect example how industry will use these methods to explore all the financial possibilities. Here is DNA 11:

DNA 11 is the original creator of DNA Portraits-the world’s most personal form of art. We have propelled an entire industry with unique artwork based on genetic codes.

Endorsed by the Museum of Modern Art design stores in New York as innovative masterpieces, our DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits and KISS Portraits let you make the ultimate personal artistic statement.

How does it work?

  • You order your complete DNA collection kit.
  • Collect a cheek cell swab using the swab they provide.
  • Send the sample to them.
  • And you get this:


Would you like one above your bed?


Web 2.0 Geek T-Shirt of the Year

Just a quick note about a funny T-Shirt designed especially for web 2.0 geeks.

The T-shirt “Are you social?“ takes up this phenomenon and shows a list of the best-known social web services (as of 08/2007) with their icons and colours. The owner of the T-shirt is expected to mark the services he uses with a pen and to wear it in public. What happens when users start wearing their network identities openly in public?



You can order it here.

Virtual Anatomical Models and Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life

While we try to organize new sessions in the SciFoo Lives On series and new medical exercices in the Ann Myers Medical Center, here is some interesting material on other educational opportunities of Second Life, the virtual world:

Looks like sculpted prims can be used to create fairly realistic models of organs. Now, wouldn’t it be fun if we could actually make the heart model to beat in 3D. This is not too difficult to do actually; we would just need a number of sculptie textures, each texture representing a given 3D animation state, and run through the set leaving a few time gaps to let the shape settle before moving on to the next sculptie texture. The heart model and the lung sound ausculation tool (further right in the picture) are currently housed in the medical library on Obelix.


  • Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life: A brief overview of science and research education in Second Life, highlighting Science School, Genome Island, Research Park, ISTE Island and more.

Other posts about education in Second Life:

Creative medicine-related ads

Friday fun with medicine-related advertisements. I hope Vanessa will like these as well. Enjoy it!


Toyota campaign


Against second hand smoking

Against HIV

The source of the images is Print Ads.

(Hat Tip: Napi Adag )

Kidney Stones and Photography?

One of my favourite sites is Crooked Brains where I found these fantastic images yesterday. They write:

It’s a wonder to know such a beauty in the stone can be a problem in a kidney.

Anyway, personally I find it hard to remember all the types of kidney stones. But with these photos, it should be an easier task:

Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate.

Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate with superficial Dihydrate.

Struvite (Feline).


Further reading for your pleasure:

TouchGraph of Scienceroll

Hsien-Hsien Lei always finds these colorful graphs and tools with which you can waste some time. But to be honest, I like these. Here is the TouchGraph of It demonstrates the connections between sites and terms. Let’s try it with other sites or search terms.

Click on the image to enlarge!

Related tools and games with which you can also waste some time:


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