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Health Care Social Media Review #24: Social Media Loves Healthcare

Many years ago, I launched the first blog carnival about social media and medicine, but after 39 editions I switched to more dynamic methods for curating information online. Although it’s always a pleasure to see other active carnivals such as the Health Care Social Media Review. Moreover, this is my honor now to host the 24th edition focusing on the undervalued fact that social media actually loves healthcare.

Google Glass, iWatch and IBM Watson Revolutionizing The Practice of Medicine

In my submission, I described the ways how disruptive technologies can help medical professionals and patients.

Patient Engagement Explored at the ePharma Summit

Casey Quinlan had the fortune of being asked to participate on a panel titled Social Media for Pharma: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell? at the ePharma Summit in New York.

In Tweets We Trust: Determining The Credibility Of Health Related Tweets

A 2012 paper by researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University analyzing how users assess a tweet’s credibility has implications for healthcare researchers, physicians. practitioners and patient advocates on Twitter.

twitter health works collective

“Being the Best We Can Be”: Medical Students’ Reflections on Physician Responsibility in the Social Media Era

By the time students have entered clinical practice they are comfortable using social media in their daily tasks.

Discovering the Value of Twitter at HIMSS 2013

This year, HIMSS had over 30,000 attendees. With a conference that large, it is nearly impossible to stay on top everything happening, but Melissa Mathews routinely checked Twitter for the latest news.

TEDMED Great Challenges: Improving Medical Communication-Part 2

The TEDMED Great Challenges Team in Medical Communication recently gathered together on Google Plus Live Hangout to talk about how to improve medical communication in the health care today.

FDA Warning Letter: Don’t Make Unsubstantiated Claims, Even on Facebook

The FDA is very clear on labeling and how companies can promote their products. Companies that continue to follow this guidance (on websites, Facebook and blogs) should be fine.


My (informal) social media policy

Remember that the strength of social media is its immediacy and accessibility, and the content shared is often spontaneous and unpolished. The ideas may be further developed by sharing and interaction (RT’s, blog comments, etc.), and that means that the tone and conclusions may evolve.

HealthCare Pricing Visibility Through Social Media

Joan Justive listed some websites and a brief explanation of what they offer in the way of medical pricing visibility.

When 1A evidence is not 1A evidence.

A nephrologist digs into an Infectious Disease Clinical Practice Guideline with a little help from his (Twitter) friends. Demonstrates the power of to discover truths with a collaborative approach even when the subject is beyond one’s area of specialization.

#Pharma gets Pinteresting

RxWiki launches largest visual medication encyclopedia on Pinterest


Surveys look at digital health adoption, reasons for hesitance

The Atlantic surveyed 1,000 US residents, finding that only 12 percent had emailed or texted their doctors. A Ruder Finn survey of more than 1,000 US adults found that 16 percent of smartphone and tablet users access health apps regularly.

Study: Hospitals With More Facebook ‘Likes’ Have Lower Mortality Rates

When its authors compared the number of “likes” acquired by 40 hospitals in the New York City area, they found that online popularity was positively corresponded with how many people responded, “Yes, they would definitely recommend the hospital,” in patient satisfaction surveys.

IT Changes Doctor-Patient Relationship For Better: Topol

Famed doctor Eric Topol says in HIMSS keynote that personalized medicine, mobile health, genomics will decrease doctors’ importance — and that’s good.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s edition as well!

Accepting Submissions for the Next Health Care Social Media Review!

I have the pleasure to host the next episode of Health Care Social Media Review on Wednesday. Therefore your submissions focusing on social media and medicine/healthcare are welcome before 6 PM ET on Monday!

Email submissions (to berci.mesko at should include the following information:

  • Email Subject Line: HealthCare SocialMedia Review
  • Blog Title:
  • Blog URL:
  • Post Headline:
  • Permanent link to post:
  • Your Name: Name, Username, Nickname, or Pseudonym
  • Description or brief excerpt:

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Medicine 2.0 and Genetics News: Subscribe for free

I try to write 2-4 posts a day on, but I find more and more interesting articles that I would like to share with you. If you want to read the best posts and articles about genetics and personalized medicine, subscribe for the Gene Genie Friendfeed room for free.

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If you are interested in medicine 2.0 or health 2.0, choose the Medicine 2.0 Microvarnival room.

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I update these collections several times a day.

E-Course: How to create and manage a quality medical blog

Gene Genie blog carnival: New look, new concept

I’ve been organizing Gene Genie, a blog carnival about human genes and personalized medicine for 2 years, but it seems it gets harder and harder to organize such blog events. So I came up with the microcarnival idea which means we all can submit our favourite human genetics-related articles and posts and share those in real-time.

I created a Gene Genie Friendfeed room for this purpose. Please subscribe and let’s discover personalized genetics together.

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Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival: Edition 39 at Medical 2.0

Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival about the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. We collect the best posts on this topic month by month.

Dr. Uri Ginzburg at Medical 2.0 just published the latest edition that ocntains dozens of interesting links and articles.

Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival: Edition 38 at Nerdoc

Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival about the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. We collect the best posts on this topic month by month.

The Nerdy Doctor at Nerdoc just published the latest edition that ocntains dozens of interesting links and articles.


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