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Doctors 2.0 And You: See You in Paris!

I’m happy to speak again at the upcoming Doctors 2.0 and You event in Paris which is the prime time conference of the intersection between medicine and digital.

This year, I will give a mastercourse about curating social media in medicine; and I’ll close the conference with my keynote about the future of medicine.

See you in Paris!


The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference

Len Starnes, digital health guru approached me a few days ago about how I see the future of medical conferences. I told him my views and he just published an amazing presentation under the catchy title, The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference. Check it out!


DotMed Conference in Dublin

I was invited to give a speech about the future of medicine and my recent white paper at the Dotmed 2013 event in Dublin yesterday. Here is the list of speakers and here is the stream of tweets about the talks.


I was amazed by story of Ed Gavagan:


Singularity Summit Europe: From Exoskeletons to Artificial Intelligence

Last week, I attended Singularity Summit Europe in Budapest at an amazing venue (Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music). Here are some notes I took during the event.


We have to accept the exponential changes in technologies, but should not exaggerate it.

The potential developments in biotechnology might not come from huge companies but brave youngsters. An example is mirOculus which makes it possible to screen cancer types using microRNAs.

Robots/drones that can communicate with each other become smarter and smarter.

Exoskeletons let disabled patients walk again.

Genia Aims to Build the iPhone of Gene Sequencing.

Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence will be commercially available soon.

3D printing could be mainstream in months.


Singularity Summit Europe in Budapest: November 15-16.

I finished the Futuremed course at NASA organized by the Singularity University this February, therefore it was a pleasure to find out they would come to Budapest on the 15th and 16th of November in their first European summit to present what they are working on. 

I’ll live tweet about both days on my channel @Berci.


Singularity University Summit Europe in Budapest Soon!

After attending FutureMed at Singularity University, I was really happy to hear the Europe Summit would take place in Budapest. Of course, I will attend it and will tweet live during the event.


Let’s meet you there!

The Singularity University (SU) Summit Europe will bring the best of the SU classroom: showcasing what has changed in the world of exponential technology and what companies have emerged from SU Labs over the last 12 months.


Attending Medicine X at Stanford and Taking a Look at The Future of Medicine

It was an honor to be invited to do a master class at Medicine X taking place at Stanford University.  I conducted a 90-minute Master Class on teaching social media in the health sciences. Also, I gave a talk about my journey of becoming a futurist from a doctor; I was on the #whatifHC panel and had a walking tour. These were busy, and thanks to the organizer Larry Chu, MD, insightful and productive four days. See you there next year as well!

A few thoughts I had after getting insights about the future of medicine at the conference:

  • E-patients were massively represented in the event which should be an example for all upcoming conferences dedicated to these topics.
  • Balance is needed as I’m pretty sure e-patients cannot and should not make a revolution without medical professionals being involved in it. This is why we have to train doctors do be ready for the digital era.
  • Google Glass keeps on showing potentials in medicine and healthcare. In CPR training, augmented reality applications and even in fitness, it has the chance to shine.
  • Talking about that, I just got my Shine, a wearable fitness gadget which I’ve been testing for days and quite like it.
  • Gamification seems to be the key to persuading people to live a healthy lifestyle (e.g Lumosity, Moodhacker).
  • Smart Patients can become the leading patient community site and take the position of Patientslikeme.
  • Every country needs an Epatient Dave, a Jack Andraka and a Regina Holliday.

During my presentation: “From Doctor to Futurist”


During my walking tour.


On the #whatifHC panel.


Regina Holliday’s painting.


The event was called summer camp for a reason.


Experimenting with the Google Glasses of Rafael Grossmann and Christian Assad.

Stanford interview

Giving an interview.


My Master Class at Medicine X of Stanford: Teaching Social Media in the Health Sciences

It’s an honor to be invited to do a master class at the upcoming Medicine X conference taking place at Stanford University.  I will conduct a 90-minute Master Class on teaching social media in the health sciences. The master class tentatively includes:

  • Strategies to create a curriculum for teaching students and medical professionals about disruptive technologies and social media.
  • Introducing online learning platforms as part of an official course curriculum.
  • Determining which online platform is most used by students and creating a parallel online curriculum.
  • Incorporating interactive content to leverage the power of social media in the classroom.


It’s going to be fun! See you there!


24 Hours of Health Innovation: A Global Conference Format

I gave a talk about crowdsourcing a medical diagnosis on Twitter at TEDxNijmegen this April (see the video below) and I already knew the organizers had something really innovative in mind for the next event as well.


Look at the extraordinary format:

Opening the 24 hour challenge in Nijmegen we’ll travel Westwards with the daylight around the Globe with healthcare institutions to host a slot with great idea’s, content, innovations and stories about healthcare. One timezone at a time we will run this conference LIVE in the internet. 24 hour after the start we’ll have a closing ceremony in Nijmegen again.

Here is the official trailer:


Doctors 2.0 and You: Key Messages in the “From Doctor to Futurist” Keynote

Doctors 2.0 and You was an amazing event again! It collects all the experts, doctors, e-patients, pharma companies and start-ups in this area.

I presented on the first day and gave the closing keynote on the second day entitled “From Doctor to Futurist”. Some of my key points:

  • The future of healthcare will be based on patients who will be able to measure anything about themselves from blood count to ECG and even genomic data.
  • We must prepare students and medical professionals for this digital world. This is why I launched a university course, an e-learning platform and wrote a book.
  • My role as a medical futurist is to close the gap between e-patients and their not that web-savvy doctors; as well as between digital technologies and everyday medicine.
  • Every medical student in the world must read e-Patient Dave’s book!





I had a chance to wear the Google Glass. It's great but you expect more based on the promotional videos.

I had a chance to wear the Google Glass. It’s great but you expect more based on the promotional videos.

Dr. Laurent Alexandre wrote a section about my work in digital health in his book.

Dr. Laurent Alexandre wrote a section about my work in digital health in his book.

Tiantian Li, the managing director of the world's largest medical community site of 2 million doctors in China, gave me a gift.

Tiantian Li, the managing director of the world’s largest medical community site of 2 million doctors in China, gave me a gift.

I gave a try to HapiFork that buzzes if you eat too fast.

I gave a try to HapiFork that buzzes if you eat too fast.

See you next year in Paris!






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