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Ken Robison’s Changing Education Paradigms – Animated Version

Do you remember the fantastic TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson about changing education?

Now here is the animated version with a detailed message:

(Hat tip: The virtual GP)

Education Crisis on Video

A fantastic infrographics-based video about the crisis surrounding the US education system:

Sexual Health Video Game

This is how teenagers could be educated about sexual and reproductive health in a colorful way.

Privates is a platform twin-stick shooter in which you lead a teeny-tiny gang of condom-hatted marines as they delve into peoples’ vaginas and bottoms and blast away at all manner of oozy, shouty monsters. It’s rude, funny, bitingly satirical and technically pretty accurate if you don’t count the tiny people or the germs with teeth.

Cool Tools for Social Learning

Jane Hart, a Learning & Performance Consultant, and founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies published another great slideshow featuring many examples about social learning:

Internet in Medicine Elective Course: Summary

In 2008, I launched the world’s first university elective course focusing on internet and medicine for medical, dentistry and pharmacy students. Now the 4th semester is just over and I thought I would share the material again. Over 130 students, 10 weeks, 20 slideshows. I tried to cover all the important topics in this area.

What I’m most proud of in this semester is that E-Patient Dave sent a personal video message to my students about being an e-patient and what kind of doctors they should become.

Students filled a questionnaire before and after the course and I plan to publish the results in an open access journal during the summer.

See you this September in the next semester with new materials, slideshows and more.

Webcam Laboratory

Webcam Laboratory offers a great way to teach students about science as it makes the whole process interactive and also interesting. It now has 4 functionalities: time lapse cam, kinematics, microscope and motion cam.

WebCam Laboratory allows you to observe things and phenomena that have always been there around you, but you haven’t had the chance to recognize them. Would you like to measure the depth of a Moon crater? The distance of a star or the length of a single-celled specie? Would you like to know how the circulation of the Sun changes, when the animals of the garden wake up, who tithe the nut in the basement or what kind of birds live around your house?

WebCam Laboratory is exactly what you need, if you are curious how your favorite plant grows day by day, how clouds form or swirl on the sky, or if you just want to see a whole day from the rise of the Sun until it sets.

And a few examples to see:

Medicine in the Virtual World: Molecules and Training

  • If you are looking for healthcare support groups in Second Life, click here.
  • One of the best blogs about information dedicated to virtual worlds:

Scitable: A Collaborative Learning Space for Science

I’ve recently come across Scitable, a Nature initiative, that aims to bring together a library of scientific overviews with a worldwide community of scientists, researchers, teachers and students.

DNATwist: Teaching Students About Pharmacogenomics

Berlin et al. published a very interesting paper in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics about DNATwist which is an online tool for teaching middle and high school students about pharmacogenomics.

DNATwist is a Web-based learning tool that explains pharmacogenomics concepts to middle- and high-school students. Its features include (i) a focus on drug responses of interest to teenagers (e.g., alcohol intolerance), (ii) reusable graphical interfaces that reduce extension costs, and (iii) explanations of molecular and cellular drug responses. In testing, students found the tool and topic understandable and engaging. The tool is being modified for use at the Tech Museum of Innovation in California.

Genomics Education: Videos

Genome British Columbia has come up with a series of educational videos describing genomics, gene expression or genomics in everyday life.

(Via Genome Web)


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