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What Does the Spleen Do: Music Video from Harvard Medical School

Who has never heard about the hit song, “what does the fox say“? But who thought medical students at Harvard Medical School could be that creative/funny/weird?

The biggest financial scam in history is revealed: Graduate School

A really funny video (or actually not so much?):

Call Me Maybe by Medical Students

One of the best medical music videos from the last years.

Give me my DaM data: Music Video

E-patient Dave became quite famous after his performance “Give me my damn data” last year. Now here is a music video covering the same issue but with The American College of Medical Informatimusicology featuring Todd Park, US Chief Technology Officer.

Medical Stand-Up Comedy?

Have you ever been wondering about what a medical stand-up comedy is like? My favorite doctor rapper, ZDoggMD shows it to you:

A cartoon guide to becoming a doctor

A cartoon guide to becoming a doctor. Which specialty would you choose?

How do patients choose doctors online: Cartoon

Here is a Webicina image explaining how patients might choose doctors online even nowadays:


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