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Medicine 2.0 Described by a Doctor Hip-Hop Star

Here is what medicine 2.0 means form my favorite doctor hip-hop star, ZdoggMD:


Comic Book About the Secrets of Digital Health Masters

I really liked that, good idea:

One Squillion Gift Pens from Pharma Reps: Do we need it?

Dr. Robert Goodman, a physician in internal medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx has been collecting gift pens received from pharma reps over the years. You can see the pictures below, but it raises some interesting questions.

You can imagine how many pharma reps contacted him in the past years. Do we really need these reps? Cannot we provide the same information in a personalized, time-consuming way for the physicians? (Yes, we can…)

Social Media Revolution (parody): Video

Do you remember the recent video featuring some staggering statistics about social media? Well, here is the parody.

QuantumMAN: What?

I’ve recently come across a very strange site, QuantumMAN, that offers the world’s first downloadable medicine. It’s obviously a scam, but if you like hidden medical humour, take a look at the details.

The entire universe, including the human body and maladies that afflict it, operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those princicples and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their inherent toxicity. Therefore a new approach to treating disease or providing mind-expanding pleasure is mandated…enter the Portal Access Key™.

QuantumMAN™’s PAK™ is a radical revolutionary quantum information technology based on the quantum physics’ principles of the counterintuitive phenomena of quantum entanglement and nonlocality.

Most comprehensive picture about doctors

Great picture for a Monday start. Have a very successful week!

2062 – People Using Social Media Look Back: Funny Video

(Hat tip: Canadian EMR)


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