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Re-Mission 2 Helps Children Fight Cancer With Video Game

Years ago, I had a chance to receive a few copies of Re-Mission and distribute it to local pediatric clinics. I can tell you children fighting cancer loved the game. Now I was glad to read the news about the launch of Re-Mission 2. The company behind it, HopeLab, managed to find big sponsors including the LiveStrong Foundation to improve the game and push it to the next level.

More than five years in the making, Re-Mission 2 consists of six free-to-play online minigames launching tomorrow with a host of support from charities, medical researchers, and major corporations.

The new titles are on the leading edge of “games for health,” a movement to take the engagement of gaming and turn it to the cause of improving health.


Here is the official trailer:



Scientific Games Exhibit

I’ve recently come across this very interesting exhibit of scientific games such as the Game Arthritis or the My Life Walkthrough.

My Life Walkthough is a platform adventure game version of the popular lifebook format used in reminiscence therapies for older adults with dementia. Reminiscence therapy is a format which acknowledges that older adults with dementia may not remember the recent past, but their retention for early life is good. Building upon recall of early events has been shown to improve communication and mood among older adults with dementia, and can even improve their memory of later life events.

A few words about Game Arthritis:

In 2011, IOCOSE and Matteo Bittanti worked together to create Game Arthritis, a staged photographic documentation of deformities induced by video gaming. What are the real effects of digital gaming on our fingers, hands and bodies? Game Arthritis is an ongoing project that imagines a future where the conformity of interfaces on everyday devices is beginning to produce real physical consequences for the users.


Syrum, the first social game of pharma

Yesterday, Boehringer launched a social game for pharma which is going to be a milestone in the history of pharma’s role in improving social media. Here is Syrum.

Boehringer Ingelheim last night unveiled its most ambitious attempt yet to harness the power of gaming at a consumer-style launch event held at the Science Museum in London.

Its long-awaited Facebook game Syrum challenges players to run their own pharmaceutical company and develop drugs to combat a range of deadly diseases.

Explaining the company’s reasons for developing the game Boehringer’s director of digital John Pugh told PMLiVE: “We built Syrum with a view to creating an ecosystem through which we could engage with people around education. It’s also to do with reputation management, market research and recruiting talent.

Scales: From blood cells to galaxies

I’ve come across a flash educational application that lets you get a picture of the scale of the universe from blood cells and atoms to galaxies and planets. Give it a try!

Games for Health Amsterdam: My Keynote Speech

A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker at the Games for Health conference in Amsterdam. I talked about social games, crowdsourcing in medicine and science and also about the importance of including health gaming in medical education. My speech is now published.

Games for Health: Recap

A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker at the Games for Health conference in Amsterdam. I talked about social games, crowdsourcing in medicine and science and also about the importance of including health gaming in medical education. I have to say I had a great time there, saw many promising innovations and as a lover of video games, I tried many projects and gadgets myself.

Projects and ideas I came across there:

Figurerunning: draw figures on the map when running by using their smartphone application.

Use your bike and run or walk around in the virtual world.

Medsim: a birth simulation.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be at Games for Health 2012 as well! See you there!

Games for Health: Keynote Speaker

One of the most promising conferences this fall will definitely be the Games for Health taking place in Amsterdam, between 24 and 25 of October. You know how close health games are to my heart. I was invited to be a keynote speaker for the event which I gladly accepted. I hope to see you there!

Building on the successful editions in Boston (MA, USA) the first edition of ‘Games for Health Europe’ will be held October 24th and 25th 2011 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. More than 500 attendees from Europe, USA and Asia will participate in inspiring presentations, experience state of the art demonstrations and share knowledge in informative workshops. Conference content will be provided by a wide range of researchers, game developers and medical professionals. Also the conference will provide a central stage for discussions on how IT technology with a specific focus on gaming and simulation can contribute to the improvement of health and health care. Games for Health is the leading international professional community with more than 10.000 people in the field of health games & simulation for many years. Bringing together the best minds in game development & simulation and health care to advanced game technologies that improve health and the delivery of health care.

You can follow them on Twitter.

Rockstar Scientists in Lego: Hilarious!

Maia Weinstock thought it would be great to create the Lego forms of the most famous scientists, science bloggers, and science journalists who are also active online. The project is called Scitweeps because the scientists are identified by their Twitter feed. Amazing pictures and as a bonus, a Lego version of a TED talk:

Here is the synthetic biologist and father of the Human Genome Project, Craig Venter:

And the top science blogger, PZ Myers:

Flying to Saturn: Carolyn Porco in LEGO:

Webicina iPhone application is available in iTunes!

Finally, it’s a great pleasure to announce that the free iPhone application of is now available in iTunes. We cannot wait to hear your feedback and suggestions. The Android version is coming soon! Basically we wanted to let you access the curated social media resources we feature on mobile and also provide an interesting and educational game that discusses issues related to quality medical information online and the health 2.0 field. Enjoy and reach the highest score! curates online medical resources in social media for patients and medical professionals for free in over 15 languages in over 80 medical specialties and conditions. This application makes it easier to access these selected resources on smartphones and also includes a Health 2.0 Quiz which was designed to help empowered patients and medical professionals know more about the world of medicine and social media.

This video describes how works:

Videogames with paramecia players

Stanford University bioengineer Ingmar Riedel-Kruse and his colleagues are developing “biotic games” where players control paramecia and other living microorganisms. The PacMan-like video games are the first in which a player’s actions influence the behavior of living microorganisms while the game is being played.

Here we propose the concept of ‘biotic games’, i.e., games that operate on biological processes. Utilizing a variety of biological processes we designed and tested a collection of games: ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Ciliaball’, ‘PAC-mecium’, ‘Microbash’, ‘Biotic Pinball’, ‘POND PONG’, ‘PolymerRace’, and ‘The Prisoner’s Smellemma’. We found that biotic games exhibit unique features compared to existing game modalities, such as utilizing biological noise, providing a real-life experience rather than virtual reality, and integrating the chemical senses into play. Analogous to video games, biotic games could have significant conceptual and cost-reducing effects on biotechnology and eventually healthcare; enable volunteers to participate in crowd-sourcing to support medical research; and educate society at large to support personal medical decisions and the public discourse on bio-related issues.


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