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Call Me Maybe by Medical Students

One of the best medical music videos from the last years.

A piano in a hospital

Lee Aase from Mayo Clinic shared an interesting story with us at the recent Reshape 2009 event in the Netherlands. They placed a piano in the lobby of the hospital and an old couple showed their talent.

The video became a viral one and now has more than 4 million visits. A few weeks later, the couple appeared in many US TV shows as well:

Lee described in his slideshow that it cost around $75 to make this happen but bringing the joy to the world through music is priceless. Great example how hospitals can reach patients via social media.

Here is another story:

Alex Walton-Creutz began drawing crowds by playing the piano at Mayo Clinic when he was just eight years old and started coming to the clinic with his mother, Lynnette. Lynnette is a patient at Mayo and comes for treatment at least once a year. When he was eight, Alex was playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and the Pathetique Sonata. At 15 he’s moved well beyond Beethoven, to playing his own compositions. Alex plays by ear and is always composing.

I don’t think it only happens at Mayo Clinic or Mayo Clinic inspires people that way, but this is the only clinic where such great stories are being recorded and shared with the world via proper communication channels.

Medical Slang: Bury the Hatchet, Freud Squad and Hasselhoff!

Wikipedia has a great list of terms of medical slang. I just wanted to highlight a few of these to make you laugh…

  • Bury the Hatchet – accidentally leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient
  • Freud Squad – the psychiatry department
  • Hasselhoff – a term for any patient who shows up in the emergency room with an injury for which there is a bizarre explanation.
  • TEETH – tried everything else, try homeopathy
  • UBI – “Unexplained Beer Injury”

Do you know more?

Make Your Own Drug

The marketing idea of the month award goes to CEDRA for creating a tool with which you can make your own drug and your own drug advertisement as well. It’s all about promoting the CEDRA Health Study.

Yes, my drug is for treating genomitis, chromosome inflammation and DNA fever…

You name your drug, customize it’s features and get this:

Or this:

10 Tips: Christmas Gifts for Science Geeks!

Just 2 days to go before Christmas, so here is a list of possible ideas and gifts that a real science geek should buy or should get…











What are your tips?

A couple of more ideas:

Escape the Health Center: You have 5 minutes left…

Imagination and adventure on Friday. In this flash game, you have 5 minutes to escape the health center, probably as a psychiatric patient. Have fun!



What happens if you fail?


Medical Students are Funny: Top 5 Videos!

Our favourite medical student, Graham at OverMyMedBody! came up with two funny videos created by medical students. I found some more. Enjoy!

You can call me Legionella (based on Umbrella of Rihanna):

Pimp My Scope:

Medical Student Combat:

A Day in the Life of a med student (House, MD remake):

And an all time classic:

Leave a comment if you know more!

Top 20 Facebook Applications in Science and Medicine

logo_facebook.jpgFacebook is a social networking site with several thousands of applications that you can add to your profile. While some of the biggest stories in the news are about the future of this community site, I thought I should create a collection of useful applications from the field of medicine, science and web 2.0. Enjoy!

Health and Medicine:

  • Medline Publications: List your Medline-listed academic publications on your Facebook profile, and view your friends’ publications as well!


  • Med Tracker: Use Med Tracker to share your ratings of prescription and over the counter drugs.


  • Healia Health Challenge Quiz Game: You can test your health knowledge with this interactive health quiz game. Challenge your friends to see who knows more about health and medicine. You start with being Pre-Med, then you can become Medical Student and maybe, the “Chief of Medicine.”


  • Support the Red Cross: Every day that you click on the Donate button on the Red Cross toolbar, will donate money to the Red Cross. They’ll donate 1$ for every 200 points people submit each day.



  • Mobile Health Coach: It’s a health coach that gives you tips throughout the day on how to live a fuller, happier life.


  • Awareness Ribbons: Now you can wear your ribbons on your Facebook profile! You can choose from 300+ causes and concerns. Ribbons automatically link to Wikipedia so people can learn more about your causes.


  • Quit Smoking: This application helps you give up cigarettes and stop smoking. Set up your own quit smoking program in minutes, give yourself a reward target to spend the money that you’ve saved on and record your daily progress. If you follow the plan provided, you’ll be able to buy yourself that reward on the date indicated.


  • PersonalDNA: A personality test that combines thorough scientific analysis with novel questions and response techniques. Find out which one of the 256 personality types matches you, and get details that go beyond those categories, plus suggestions on how to be different.


  • Be an organ donor: There is always a desperate need for more organ donors. The success of transplants depends on the generosity of donors and their families. Residents of the UK and USA can become donors by filling out a form online.



  • Science Videos: A unique video search engine for science videos where every video is screened and approved based on accuracy and quality by scientists.


  • Family Tree: Build your Family Tree including your relatives both on and off Facebook. Add unlimited generations of all possible ancestors. Upload a photo for each relative or simply use their Facebook profile photo. Display your tree and feature your family and heritage directly on your profile page.


  • OneFamilyTree: Build your family tree online and share it among your friends and relatives. You can upload GEDCOM files, customize the family tree or search for your ancestors.

  • NASA Astro Photo of the Day: Displays the NASA Astro Photo of the Day. A daily display of fantastic astronomical images chosen by the NASA.


  • F@H Protein Researcher: Folding@Home is a computer program designed to aid scientists in medical research by distributing computationally-intensive tasks to home desktops all over the world. Specifically, the Stanford University developers’ goal is “to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases,” and has made progress in understanding diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.


Web 2.0:

  • Blog RSS Feed Reader: It allows you to add a personal blog or corporate blog RSS Feed to your Facebook profile for your friends to read. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It works with popular blogging platforms such as Myspace, MSN Live Spaces, WordPress, Blogspot, Typepad, Movable Type, Textpattern and more.


  • My Wikipedia: It allows you to display sections of Wikipedia on your profile page. By default, My Wikipedia displays the daily “Featured Article” from Wikipedia’s main page, but can be customized to display any article of your choosing.


  • Second Life Link: This application integrates Facebook with the most popular Virtual World – Second Life™! You can show your Second Life Avatar to your friends, view online status of your Second Life friends or just share your virtual home and your favourite virtual places with them.


  • StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is the best tool to discover and share great websites. If you add StumbleUpon to your Facebook profile, you can share your favourite weblinks and you can also Stumble your friends’ Favourites by checking out your What’s New tab.



I hope you enjoyed this selection and please let me know if you happen to know more Facebook applications in the field of medicine or science!

What to do if you’re tired?

I’m going to write plenty of interesting articles in the next few days, but the only thing I can do now is to post these funny, web-related images. Enjoy and drop me a mail in case you have more!



Evolution, Mr. Anderson:


Find out how long you can expect to live!

We always find some games and tests with which we can waste some time, but at least, this one seems to be interesting. Let’s find out how long you can expect to live based on some questions related to your health (smoking status, body-mass index, sport, diet, drinking etc.).

We developed the Longevity Game to give you a peek into your future by identifying the factors that can lead to a healthier, more productive life. At Northwestern Mutual, we know a thing or two about longevity because we’ve been tracking statistics that impact life since 1857. And that wealth of knowledge helped us shape the Longevity Game. Through the game, we hope to give you insight into your daily lifestyle—plus tips on how you can make some positive changes.

It’s funny and after answering all the questions, you get a nice image of yourself. Here is mine (anyway, it’s too nice to be true):

More funny posts:


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