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How Do Medical Students See Future Technologies: Infographics

I just wrote about how our Disruptive Technologies in Medicine university course prepares medical students for the coming waves of change. I also recently published an infographic related to new technologies in medicine.

Yesterday, I gave a talk to medical students about what kind of trends and technologies might shape the future and I was very curious what they think about these. Therefore I asked them to give a score between 1 and 3 about how beneficial or advantageous those can be for society; and a score between 1 and 3 about how big threats they will pose to us.

They also gave a score between 1 and 10 about how much they look forward to using a technology in action. See the full size infographics here.

Preparing them for the future is a real challenge but I remain confident that we need to to that and it is still possible.




3D Printing: The Future is Now (Infographic)

This infographic summarizes well the main developments and milestones of 3D printing. Enjoy!


The Next 150 Years: Infographic

What’s going to happen in 2014? In ten year’s time? 50 years? 100? An infographic looked ahead to see what the future holds according to predictions from thinkers, scientists and pundits – and the odds on them happening.

BBC FUTURE_non-editable-flat

See more similar news every day on!

Saving 170 Billion USD with Health IT: Infographic About Adherence

I recently worked as a consultant for a pharmaceutical company as they asked me to help them create a long-term digital strategy. In this work, I learnt about some new health IT developments and one of them seemed to be very interesting. It aimed at improving adherence through an online system.

They say the world could save 170 billion USD by using their patform based on survey-evidenced results and the estimated nonadherence-related health expenditures. Here is their brief description:

PraxisPlatform developed a proprietary, versatile, fully secure health care ICT platform on which it designs and manages patient adherence management programmes, pharmacy care programmes and non-interventional clinical studies for innovative and generic pharmaceuticals and medical devices. PraxisPlatform currently reaches 120.000 patients, 4.800 physicians and 100 pharmacies in Hungary.

PraxisPlatform has a proven track record of increasing patients’ adherence to medicinal treatment by 70-130 per cent (at 6/12 months) in chronic therapy areas such as hyperlypidaemia (high cholesterol levels), prostatic hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Here is the infographic they came up with (click on the image for larger size)

I think there are some key conclusions of this:

  • It’s important to develop something that is scalable on many levels.
  • As adherence is a global problem, a locally proven method could work anywhere else.
  • The ICT behind a digital health development must be universal but flexible to local needs.
  • They are also ready to sell the know-how with legal wireframes, not only the service itself.

What do you think about it?

Bioprinting Infographic: From Concept to Organ Transplantation

I just came across a great infographic summarizing the key concepts of using 3D printing in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. Check it out here!

A quite relevant announcement was published a few days ago describing an ambitious project from the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in Kentucky aimed at replacing the human heart by designing a 3D printer capable of recreating such an organ.


Why Health Care is So Expensive: Award Winner Infographic

I was checking out the winning entries of the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards when I came across this infographic focusing on why healthcare is so expensive. Stunning data and data visualization methods. Click on the image for the original size.


The Guide to the Future of Medicine: 40 Trends Shaping the Future

My white paper, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, came out a few days ago and the feedback has been amazing therefore I thought I would share the list of trends included in the infographic that will shape the future of medicine and healthcare.

Please feel free to download the PDF and share your comments by using the #MedicalFuture hashtag.

Guide to the Future of Medicine Infographic

  1. 3D Printed Biomaterials and Drugs
  2. Adherence Control
  3. Artificial Intelligence in Medical Decision Support
  4. Artificial Organs
  5. Augmented Reality
  6. Augmenting Human Capabilities
  7. Curated Online Information
  8. Customized Mobile Apps
  9. Digestible Sensors
  10. Digital Literacy in Medical Education
  11. DIY Biotechnology
  12. Embedded Sensors
  13. Evidence-based Mobile Health
  14. Full Physiological Simulation
  15. Gamification Based Wellness
  16. Holographic Data Input
  17. Home Diagnostics
  18. Humanoid Robots
  19. Inter-disciplinary Therapies
  20. Meaningful use of social media
  21. Medical Tricorder
  22. Microchips modeling Clinical Trials
  23. Multi-functional Radiology
  24. Nanorobots in Blood
  25. Optogenetics
  26. Personalized Genomics
  27. Real-time Diagnostics in the OR
  28. Recreational Cyborgs
  29. Redesigned Hospital Experience
  30. Remote Touch
  31. Robotic Interventions
  32. Robotic Nurse Assistant
  33. Semantic Health Records
  34. Smartwatch
  35. Telemedicine
  36. Virtual trials
  37. Virtual Dissection
  38. Virtual Reality Applications
  39. Virtual-Digital Brains
  40. Wearable e-skins



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