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Interview on The Health Crossroad!

I had a chance to do a podcast with Doug Elwood, MD, MBA which is now published on The Health Crossroad. The title is “The Future of Health Explained“.

The podcast “The Health Crossroad: Where the Stories Behind Health Converge” will enable listeners to obtain the stories, views, and insights of prominent and renowned leaders drawn from various sectors of the vast arena known as HEALTH.


Medcrunch Interview About The Future of Medicine

Anna Banicevic just published my interview about the future of medicine and social media on Medcrunch. I hope you will find it interesting.

Berci Mesko is a medical futurist, interested in bringing disruptive technologies to medicine & the wider spectrum healthcare. He is the managing director of which curates medical social media resources for patients and medical professionals. 


My Interview On Forbes With John Nosta

I had a chance to give an interview to John Nosta, the leading thinker in digital health, who published the interview in his Forbes column. I was humbled by the title he gave to the interview: The STAT Ten: Dr. Bertalan Mesko, The Geek Who’s Changing The World.

STAT Ten is intended to give a voice to those in digital health. From those resonant voices in the headlines to quiet innovators and thinkers behind the scenes, it’s my intent to feature those individuals who are driving innovation–in both thought and deed. And while it’s not an exhaustive interview, STAT Ten asks 10 quick questions to give this individual a chance to be heard.

I’ve been a fan and friends with Berci for a long time. His voice is compelling and important. According to his Twitter profile, Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD is a medical futurist, geek medical doctor with PhD in genomics, speaker, and book author.



Social Media in Medicine: Interview at Medicine X

My interview about using social media in medical communication was just published. I was fighting serious jet lag that time, but I hope the conversation turned out to be useful and interesting.

Medicine Must Get Social: InformationWeek Features My Book and Course

David F. Carr at InformationWeek asked me for an interview and he had great questions about my social media activities as a doctor, the book I wrote, my new position as a medical futurist and the course I teach at the medical school and online.

Here is the interview, Medicine Must Get Social, and an excerpt:

That’s what Bertalan Mesko aims to do with The Social MEDia Course, a series of online tutorials, as well as his book Social Media in Clinical Practice, published in August. As he argues in the book, “The only way to fight against pseudoscience and medical quackery is to take control of publishing medical information on the Web.” Doctors need to be on social media to develop and protect their own reputations, as well as to understand the resources available and how they can be used or misused, he says. His book catalogs many types of social media and gives specific advice, such as a recommendation to turn down patient “friend” requests on Facebook unless that social profile is used solely for professional rather than personal interaction.



Podcast with MDGlobalHealth

I had a chance recently to record a podcast with MDGlobalHealth about social media and medicine; as well as about being a medical futurist.  Here is a short description about their site:

The brainchild of two leading entrepreneurs in Digital Health, Drake Pruitt and Maneesh Juneja, MD Global Health was designed from the start to discover what’s happening in 192 countries around the globe. Frustrated by the emphasis from the media on covering innovation in the US and Europe, Drake and Maneesh want to deliver podcasts that educate, motivate and inspire you.


Social Media meets Health – Interview

Health Express just did an interview with me about being a medical futurist, using social media solutions in medicine and my new book. I hope you will enjoy that.

Integrating social media into the health sector has always been a controversial subject and one that has polarized opinion amongst health professionals worldwide. To provide an insight, we set up a one-off interview with medical futurist, Dr Bertalan Mesko, who speaks globally about issues relating to social media in medicine.



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