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Health & Transhumanism: Zoltan Istvan Interviewed Me

I’m happy to share that Zoltan Istvan who is a futurist and 2016 US Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party interviewed me about my new book, My Health: Upgraded and the methods that help us improve our cognitive skills. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

It’s an exiciting time to be alive with so much incredible medical technology affecting our lives. As a transhumanist, I couldn’t be happier about that fact. But understanding all that we can do to our bodies both now and in the future is complex business. I had a chance to catch up with Dr. Bertalan Mesko, and ask him to tell us about his new book, My Health: Upgraded, which covers the field of modern and futurist medicine. Mesko is a medical futurist with a PhD and MD in genomics from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science Center. His work has been covered broadly in major media.



Taking Fear Out of Healthcare: Videos

Last week, I had a chance to give some short interviews about the future of medicine to TopLineMD and I enjoyed those discussions very much. Here is a video and please see the links to the others below.

The Future of Medicine

Genomics and Future Hospitalization

2020 – Human or Robotic Docs?

Proactive Patient

We Need to Break Down the Ivory Tower of Medicine: Interview

An interview was just published on the MedicalExpo e-magazine. I expressed quite radical views on the need for patient empowerment. I hope you will enjoy it.


CCTV America interview

CCTV America asked me to do an interview remotely about the technology trends that shape the future of medicine. And one more article from them about what being a medical futurist is like.

CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo interviewed physician Bertalan Mesko and author of “The Guide to the Future of Medicine” about new advances in technology and medicine and patient-doctor interactions and asked him one more question about what it means to be a medical futurist.


Is 3D printing the most disruptive trend for the future of medicine?

I gave a keynote at the Salzburg Global Seminars about how I see the future of medicine and the organizers asked me to do a quick interview (with podcast) about that. I hope you will enjoy reading or listening to that.


Pharmaphorum Writes About My Passion For Improving Healthcare

Here is my recent interview on pharmaphorum about being a medical futurist and the trends that will shape the future of medicine. One excerpt:

Plenty of trends and technologies are truly starting to shape medicine worldwide, from cognitive computers being used in medical decision making to devices measuring vital signs coming to our homes. In addition, 3D printers are used to print out biomaterials; thousands of people are getting their DNA sequenced; sensors are becoming tiny and comfortable such as digital tattoos; smartphones are gamifying our health and becoming home laboratories. The whole process and structure of healthcare are dramatically changing.


My Story and The Future of Medicine in the Get Social Health Podcast

I was glad to get invited to do a podcast on Get Social Health. I hope you will enjoy listening to it. Here is the summary:

Dr. Bertalan Meskó is a digital renaissance man for healthcare. He is an author, TEDx speaker, teacher, consultant, and medical futurist. We had a wide ranging conversation about the future of medicine and the need for all medical professionals to be digitally literate. In addition to his newly published book, “The Future of Medicine,” Dr. Meskó shared his personal story of how he became a medical doctor, a PhD in genomics but still felt he had to honor “the geek” inside and embrace a career he designed for himself as a medical futurist. Listen to the episode of catch the highlights of the podcast at the time stamps below.



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