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Medicine 2.0 at Harvard: Recap

I just gave a presentation about The Social MEDia Course at the recent Medicine 2.0 at Harvard Medical School. I met amazing people such as Epatient Dave, Susannah Fox, Peter Murray, and the list goes on.

Here are a few things I had in mind after the event:

  • Most presentations were about the use of smartphones and tablets in medicine and healthcare.
  • More and more clinical trials are being performed to test the use of social media channels in medicine.
  • Virtual reality and Second Life still have a future in medicine.
  • E-patients lead the whole movement of medicine 2.0
  • Some people seem to attack the basics of evidence based medicine which is a very irresponsible step.
  • There are still not enough projects for the education of medical professionals for the era of e-patients.
  • Susannah Fox gave me pieces of advice about how to write my book about social media and medicine.
  • ePatient Dave has an amazingly moving story plus a gift for speaking, therefore this is is killer combination.
  • My course about social media for medical students and physicians is still unique in the world (I’m not happy about it).
  • Nurses and patients seem to come up with more innovative ideas than doctors regarding digital services.
  • The buzzword of the conference way re-designing healthcare. Well, I think services that cannot be stopped for some time cannot be redesigned, only changes can be introduced to the system step by step. This would be an important approach. Forget this buzzword.

Here are some photos from my trip:


The campus

Shipping up to Boston…

I’m going to give a talk at the upcoming Medicine 2.0 Congress at Harvard Medical School tomorrow. I will present the survey results of the students who have been doing my digital course that offers 16 medical topics related to social media with tests. I’ll also be the chair and co-chair of 2 sessions on Sunday.

See you there soon!

Medicine 2.0 at Stanford: Slideshows

I just wrote about my participation at the recent Medicine 2.0 Congress at Stanford and now here are the other slideshows of which I chose some really interesting ones:


Medicine 2.0 Congress in Stanford

Medicine 2.0 Congress taking place at Standford this September is one of the best medical/social media conferences this year. I’ll speak at the Stanford Summit and at the Congress as well. I hope to see you there, but for this, don’t forget to register!

Here I talk about one of my topics, digital literacy in medical education:

Medicine 2.0 Congress in: Stanford!

Last November, I gave a presentation about at the Medicine 2.0 Congress in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The next event will take place at the great Stanford University. It’s now time for the abstracts!

Medicine 2.0 ’11 will contain a mix of traditional academic/research, practice and business presentations, keynote presentations, and panel discussions to discuss emerging issues. We strive for an interdisciplinary mix of presenters from different countries and disciplines (e.g. health care, social sciences, computer science, engineering, or business) and with a different angle (research, practice, and business).


Medicine 2.0 Congress 2010 Slideshows

I just came back from Maastricht where I attended the Medicine 2.0 Congress. Here are the related slideshows on Slideshare. A few examples:


Medicine 2.0 Congress in Maastricht

I’m currently attending the Medicine 2.0 Congress in Maastricht, the Netherlands (I was also in Toronto in 2008). It’s a great event with many medicine 2.0 faces and voices.

I spoke about Quality of Medical Information in Social Media and presented the concept behind, a service featuring free curated content in social media. I will publish the Prezi soon.

I also have a poster set up focusing on my internet in medicine university course.

And had a chance to drop by and see how the HCSMEU Camp is going. Great discussions as usual.

If you want to follow the conference, here is a Netvibes page, a Twubs aggregation and a Flickr account.


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