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A conversation about digital literacy in medical education: My Interview on the Blog of Stanford

As I will do a Master Class at Medicine X about teaching social media in health sciences, the Scope blog of Stanford Medicine asked me to do an interview about my course in which I help medical students become better at digital literacy. An excerpt:

The most important thing here is a quote I’ve been using for years: “If you want to teach me, you first have to reach me.” Therefore I love going to the platforms that my students are already using. This semester it was Facebook, and I managed to teach them and test their knowledge on that platform. It was a real win-win situation.

All medical educators should design a new approach in transmitting the knowledge to students by analyzing what they do online. We do the same thing in the offline world by coming up with new textbooks and creating engaging presentations – why would we not do that online as well?


Social Media in Medicine Course Week 3: Being up-to-date and Education 2.0

I launched the new semester of the “Social Media in Medicine” course at Semmelweis University with over 150 students. The third week was dedicated to being up-to-date in medicine and Education 2.0.

Students find all the presentations, hand-outs and even self-tests on this site. They can also get bonus points for completing challenges that focus on the topics covered in the previous weeks on the Facebook page of the course every single day. You might want to compete with them!

1) First Week of the New Semester: Introduction
2) Second Week: Medical search engines and the Google story

The “Social Media in Medicine” Course At Semmelweis University Launches Again!

It’s a huge pleasure to announce that this Thursday I will launch the Social Media in Medicine university course again at Semmelweis University in Budapest. 10 weeks, 16 extended topics, two surveys, one exam, a lot of practical examples and challenges.

This course is still unique worldwide and I created a digital format as well so not only medical students at Semmelweis University can acquire these digital skills.

I cannot wait to start working with the medical students who would like to learn about using social media as professionals. The materials are available in The Social MEDia Course.

Here is the timeline:

  1. 21 February: Introduction to social media and medicine
  2. 28 February: Medical search engines and the Google story
  3. 7 March: Being up to date with RSS and Education 2.0
  4. 21 March: The mysteries of medical blogging
  5. 4 April: Using Twitter for medical purposes
  6. 11 April: Medical communities, online collaboration, mobile apps
  7. 18 April: The world of e-patients and health 2.0
  8. 25 April: Wikipedia and medical wikis
  9. 2 May: Written exam and Virtual Worlds in Medicine
  10. 9 May: The future of medicine and social media; results of the surveys

The Social MEDia Course main page

Crowdsourcing practical sessions in a university course focusing on social media?

I’ve been teaching medical students about using social media for years at two medical schools and through a digital format as well. These courses consisted of series of extended lectures, written exam and constant online communication with students discussing their questions on Facebook and a blog.

The challenge I face now it that I try to include more practical sessions (tasks they have to do online after each lecture) in the course, and I’m wondering what these may be. Any suggestions?

The Social MEDia Course main page

Information overload increases malpractice risk: Solve it!

A new article says information overload for doctors increases malpractice risk. Well, information overload is inevitable, but we must improve in filtering the web for medical information.

The solution is innovative education!

The Social MEDia Course main page

Social Media in Medicine University Course: Semester is Over

I just gave the last lecture about the future of medicine in this semester’s “Social Media in Medicine” university course at Semmelweis University. Students loved the course based on their feedback.


Next semester, I will teach the course in two languages and also at Corvinus University (it’s in the list of global top 500 universities). It means I will teach 3 curriculum-based courses at two universities in a parallel way, I cannot wait!

Until then, let’s collect all the badges and receive the certificate in the digital format of the course.

The Social MEDia Course main page

Social Media in Medicine Course: Week 4, Medical blogging

My university course at the Semmelweis University has been running with a great audience since early September and last week the topic was medical blogging. Students have a lot of questions and they seem to like these topics. Fortunately, the materials, hand-outs, the presentations are published on The Social MEDia Course as well as a test through which they can see how much they learnt.


Next week, I’m going to talk about microblogging with a special focus on Twitter from the medical perspective with many examples.


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