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Social Media Channels in Hematology, Tuberculosis, Smoking cessation and Huntington’s disease

After updating the design of the main page of Webicina, new topics were published in PeRSSonalized Medicine covering the most relevant medical peer-reviewed journals, blogs, news sites, Twitter users, Youtube channels and more:

Hebrew Medical Resources in Social Media just announced the launch of the Hebrew version of PeRSSonalized Medicine, the simplest, customizable, multi-lingual medical information aggregator.

It means the platform has now a Hebrew version in which the medical journals, blogs, news sites and Twitter users are curated Hebrew ones!

Top 50 Coeliac Disease Social Media Channels

Webicina’s PeRSSonalized Medicine is the simplest, free, customizable, multi-lingual aggregator of quality medical resources in social media and the newest addition to the list of topics is Coeliac disease, a condition about 1% of the society has to deal with.

Medical journals, news sites, Twitter users, Youtube channels and medical blogs are featured in this new dynamic collection dedicated to Coeliac disease.

Curated British Medical Social Media Channels!

On, a new national version of PeRSSonalized Medicine, the simplest, customizable, multi-lingual medical literature and social media aggregator was just launched focusing on the best British medical journals, news channels, Twitter users, Youtube channels and blogs.

Medical Social Media Channels in Canada

PeRSSonalized Medicine is the simplest, customizable social media aggregator featuring only curated resources and the best thing about that is the multi-lingual function. It means there are different national versions and the newest one is about Canada.

Curated medical journals, blogs, news sites, Twitter users and more from Canada!

Polycystic Kidney Disease: Social Media

In rare diseases such as Polycystic Kidney Disease, social media can be a huge help for patients in finding each other and forming communities or publishing practical pieces of advice for each other. But if you try to find such quality social media channels dedicated to this condition, you’re going to realize how hard it is to do that.

Fortunately, Webicina published a new curated, medical, social media selection focusing on this important disease.

Social Media and Medicine in India

We launched PeRSSonalized Medicine to help patients and doctors keep themselves up-to-date easily. It’s the simplest, free, customizable medical information aggregator covering over 80 medical specialties and conditions in 18 languages!

The Indian selection is the newest one in which the platform is in English as Indian doctors speak English and the blogs, news sites, Twitter users and peer-reviewed journals are also the most relevant ones from India. Please let us know if you want to see PeRSSonalized Medicine in your language.

Many thanks to Gangadhar Sulkunte for the help in finding quality resources!

Some reasons why PeRSSonalized Medicine is unique:

  • You can search in the database. It means you will find medical information only from a quality selected portion of the world wide web.
  • You can personalize any of the sections.
  • You can also receive the newest Pubmed articles focusing on your search term. Just insert your field of interest, a therapy, a condition, etc. and click Search. Then you can add the newly created box to your personalized medical “journal”.
  • It is a community-based project. Please let us know which quality resources should be added to the database.
  • Access over 80 medical topics in over 18 languages!

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