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Next Destination: TEDxNijmegen

I was very glad when Lucien Engelen announced my participation in the upcoming TEDxNijmegen as a speaker during the recent FutureMed. I will talk about the role of social media in the future of medicine and healthcare through my own story.

The next day, I’ll give a talk alongside Jack Andraka and Amy Robinson at UMC St Radboud.


TEDxYouth: A Geek Doctor Changes Medical Communication

I was invited to give a talk at the upcoming TEDxYouth in Budapest where I’ll talk about the solutions I developed for solving the problems of traditional medical communication and education as a geek doctor.

This is the profile picture they made of me, see you there on the 17th of November!

How Mayo Clinic is transforming medicine: Video

President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, John Noseworthy, a few days ago spoke at Karolinska Institute on how Mayo Clinic is transforming medicine.

Crowdsourcing in Medicine or Facing Traditional Medicine as a Geek: Keynote Video

My keynote about “Crowdsourcing in Medicine” from the recent Doctors 2.0 & You event in Paris was just published. I described how I met traditional medical communication and education as a geek. I hope you will like it.

Crowdsourcing in Medicine Keynote: Summary

I’ve recently given a keynote at the Doctors 2.0 and You event and the summary is now available. I hope the video will also be available soon.

According to Mesko, an obstacle preventing many medical professionals from entering the world of social media is a fear of information overload. The solution to this problem is the ability to filter information. Social media crowdsourcing often fails because creators do not take the time to carefully create and curate a community that can sustain and develop itself. Mesko has found that once a trustworthy community is assembled, social media’s possibilities to filter and deliver healthcare information are unparalleled.

Health Economists About Social Media

Last week, I got an invitation to speak at the Central European University about how the new generation of doctors and e-patients use social media. I also described how crowdsourcing works in medicine.

As there were only health economists, economists, lawyers and business people in the audience, I received some great questions. It was particularly interesting as these people had a good picture about healthcare but did not know much about social media.

Q: Is there a site where patients can track their own conditions and meet each other? It would be a great idea.

My answer: Plenty of them, one example is

Q: Is it possible to somehow curate medical social media channels?

My answer: Of course, see

Q: It would be great to have a site where doctors can talk to each other.

My answer: There are over 60 of them.

Q: Is there a law protecting patients’s rights online?

My answer: HIPAA

Q: Is it dangerous to write content as a doctor online?

My answer: It can be if the limitations and potential dangers are not known by the writer.

Games for Health Amsterdam: My Keynote Speech

A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker at the Games for Health conference in Amsterdam. I talked about social games, crowdsourcing in medicine and science and also about the importance of including health gaming in medical education. My speech is now published.


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