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Pubmed Alternatives: Videocast featuring Webicina

My friend, Guus van den Brekel at DigiCMB, has recently performed a videocast about Pubmed alternatives and featured as well. You can watch the ~10 minutes long video:

Everything about Pubmed

Dean Giustini just published a great slideshow about all the things related to Pubmed, the biomedical search engine. If you have ever had any questions about the service, this slideshow will answer them all.

Semantic MEDLINE Prototype

I have to use Pubmed several times every day and in most cases I have to switch to Google Scholar as I think that is really user-friendly and I can customize my search queries more easily. Although, I would love to do the same with Pubmed. Well, the Semantic MEDLINE Prototype which is a research and development project of the Cognitive Science Branch, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, U.S. National Library of Medicine might solve my problems in the near future:

Semantic MEDLINE is a prototype Web application that summarizes MEDLINE citations returned by a PubMed search. Natural language processing is used to analyze salient content in titles and abstracts. This information is then presented in a graph that has links to the MEDLINE text processed.

Currently, the results from 35 PubMed searches (including a variety of disorders and drugs) are available to be processed. The 500 most recent citations (from the date of the search) are available for further processing by Semantic MEDLINE.

I just did a search for “Breast Cancer (, top 500 recruiting studies”:

What is your path to successful searches in PubMed?

NovoSeek asked this interesting question today. They want to see how users get to the final answer while doing searches in Pubmed, the biomedical database. Click here to see the entire decision tree:

You can also participate in a live poll (more information about the different paths here)

What is your path? Tweet this post to your followers adding the #hashtag that better describes you.

  1. Direct, this is my path to successful searches in Pubmed
  2. Ask for help, this is my path to successful searches in Pubmed
  3. Alternatives, this is my path to successful searches in Pubmed
  4. Beer, why not?, this is my path to successful searches in Pubmed

New Interface of Pubmed: Video

David Rothman shared a useful video that describes the new interface of Pubmed, the database of biomedical information.

Brand New Pubmed

Pubmed is the best friend of medical professionals and researchers and now it is being redesigned.

new pubmed

  • Easier to create RSS feeds for seach queries
  • clearer interface
  • filter option in search results
  • word completion

Just to mention a few improvements. Patricia F. Anderson also took a deeper look at it.

PubMed Advanced Search on Screencast

Here is a screencast about how to use the new Pubmed advanced search function.

(Via Clinical Cases and Images; DavidRothman; Liblog)


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