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The life of a Nature paper: Video

Nature published a very interesting and well-designed video about the life of a research paper from lab sketches to publication.

Crowdsourcing to structure biological knowledge: Slideshow

I met Andrew Su at SciFoo Camp, Googlepley in 2009 and we had great discussions about how social media could be used by science and research. Now here is an amazing slideshow from him focusing on crowdsourcing.

Funny and Useful Videos about Science

I just came across the AsapSCIENCE Youtube channel that provides funny and useful videos about everyday health and scientific problems, questions and challenges.

One example, the science of appetite:

Social Media Scientific Session of Mayo Clinic

As a member of the External Advisory Board of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, I’m gadly sharing their recent announcement:

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is convening our first Social Media Scientific Session on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 as part of our social media week at Mayo Clinic, and we’re inviting abstract submissions demonstrating the value of social media in health care.

We’re looking for case studies documenting the impact of social media, as well as results from quality improvement projects and IRB-approved research protocols studying the use of social media in health care. Abstracts may relate to data gathered through social media or to the effectiveness of social media interventions.

Revolution of the Dissemination of Medical Research?

Steven Palter, MD send me an e-mail a few days ago letting me know about a huge project he had been working on for some time. It is truly an amazing project and hopefully it will help us disseminate medical research more easily.

“For the last 200 years, medical publishing remained unchanged. Our solution accommodates non-print work through fully integrated multimedia, opens up a whole new form of learning, and allows readers to become part of an ongoing interactive discussion,” says Dr. Steven Palter, the Video and New Media Editor of Fertility and Sterility. Dr. Palter, who developed the concept and spearheaded the project, says, “With this effort, we have bridged the gap separating the digital and traditional medical literature. This integration will lead to exciting new directions in research.”

And here are the details:

Online video and traditional print were previously two separate and unrelated worlds in scientific research.  The new mechanism allows videos to be cited the same way as a written article in a traditional print medical journal and seamlessly unifies online multimedia content and print journals.  Researchers can watch footage of innovations and techniques and learn previously inaccessible information in new non-written formats while still being able to find this information through traditional medical print sources.

New Sci-Fi novel Skewers the Singularity: Give-Away Contest

Joe Tripician, an Emmy Award winner producer/writer/director has recently contacted me about his new book, Immortality Wars which focuses on the hypothetical future where artificial intelligence meets human immortality. I love such thoughtful sci-fis and I’m happy to announce a give-away contest of his e-book for the first 5 people leaving a comment on this post.

“Immortality Wars” paints a wicked portrait of the near-future, one where technology’s goals require wars to bring them to creation. In this world human ingenuity is a saving grace, and immortality is not necessarily forever.

Access2Research: Global Petition!

I’ve been a supporter of open access research for a long time (Just 2 examples why: My Open Access Success Story and Open access social media guide for pharma) and it was a pleasure to see the announcement coming from the OA community about signing a global petition today.

Sign the petition to require free access over the Internet to journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research. This will require you to create an account at the White House petition website, confirm the account by clicking on a link in your email, and then sign the petition itself.

Please sign the petition and follow the movement on Facebook.


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