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HighBeam Research features Scienceroll: Top 10 medical research blogs

I got the honor to be included in the list of top 10 medical research blogs of 2011 by HighBeam Research.

Blogs and online libraries have grown to be valuable resources for students, professors, working professionals and the general public who have not traditionally had such easy access. As an organization involved with medical research and providing medical resources, HighBeam Research would like to acknowledge our favorite medical blogs.

These top 10 blogs for medical research were handpicked by the HighBeam Research staff as our favorites and included based on their level of insightful and original content as well as the authority and trust that the authors enjoy in the Medical space. is 5 years old!

Today my blog,, is 5 years old! I’m very happy and satisfied I didn’t stop blogging even when I had many exams, several parallel projects, hard periods in my life or even New Year’s Eve, it didn’t matter as I always kept on blogging. Once I described my 3 rules for blogging: 1) commitment, 2) openness and 3) consistency, I try to live up to all of these.

Blogging became a part of my everyday routine and now plays a major role in my professional life. I launched it in 2006 as a medical student and now I write the entries every day as a physician and researcher running as well. I’ve received many speaker invitations and I’ve made a lot of new contacts just because I have

A few numbers on this long journey:

  • I have been blogging for 1829 days.
  • I wrote 2427 blog posts.
  • Received 10,699 comments.
  • WordPress has filtered 991,225 spam comments.
  • Had over 2,2 million visitors.

Photo source:

I know there are bloggers who left blogging for microblogging or other platforms, but I still believe that my online CV and my main platform on the web is this blog and plan to keep on blogging for a long long time.

Thank you very much for reading day by day, I hope you stay with me for many more years!

2010 Medgadget Weblog Awards: Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who supported Scienceroll in this year’s Medgadget’s Weblog Awards, the most prestigious medical blogger competition in the world.

Scienceroll won the Best Medical Technology/Informatics Blog category for the third time in a row.

The Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog is once again Bertalan Meskó’s ScienceRoll. Berci, as we like to call him ever since he was one of the editors at Medgadget, is specializing in medical informatics and genetics. In the past, Berci even developed a medical school course about Health 2.0 and related topics at University of Debrecen in Hungary. ScienceRoll continues to provide timely commentary and news and reviews of everything involving computers, patients, and doctors. Congrats Berci, and keep up the good work!

Also many thanks to the Medgadget Team for organizing this wonderful competition!

2010 Medgadget Weblog Awards: Please Support Scienceroll!

It’s time again for the traditional Medgadget’s Weblog Awards, the most prestigious medical blogger competition in the world and I would like to kindly ask you, dear readers of, to support us with your vote here.

Polls close on the 13th of February.

Thank you!

2010 on Scienceroll in Numbers and Posts

In 2010, I had over 500 posts on Scienceroll, had almost 500,000 pageviews, over 1100 feed readers and won Medgadget’s Weblog Awards in the Best Medical Technology Blog category. I gave 64 presentations about social media and medicine in 8 countries and flew 26 times.  I managed to publish the first paper in my PhD and finished two semesters of the Internet in Medicine credit course. I became more active for professional reasons on Facebook, Twitter became my main channel for communication and fell in love with Androids.

Here are the summeries of what happened in medicine and healthcare in 2010 month by month:













Happy new year to You, Dear Readers and see you in 2011!

Dose of Digital Dosie Awards: Vote for Scienceroll

Now you can vote for Scienceroll in the Dose of Digital Dosie Awards:

In case you missed it, on Monday I announced the 1st Annual Dose of Digital Dosie Awards. The post from Monday will give you some more details, so please check it out. If you already know the details and are ready to vote, then you can vote below. If you want some more background first, then, jump to that section.

Thank you for the votes in advance!

Top 10 Clinical Medicine Blogs with Scienceroll!

Thanks to Dr. Mike Cadogan, is included in the list of the top 10 clinical medicine blogs on

Amazingly comprehensive blog covering all aspects of medical education, medical technology, e-learning and virtual medicine. Through his blog, Dr Bertalan Meskó aims to arm all medical professionals with the e-tools required to meet and manage the next generation of e-patients.

Here is the top 10 list in alphabetical order:

33 charts
Academic Life in Emergency Medicine
Clinical Cases and Images
Clinical Correlations
Dr Shock MD PhD
Life in the Fast Lane
Musings of a Distractible Mind
Science-Based Medicine
other things amanzi


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