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Posts from the ‘Scienceroll’ Category Medgadget Weblog Awards Winner!

I’m very proud to announce that won the Best Medical Technology/Informatics category in the prestigious Medgadget Medical Weblog Awards for the second time in a row!

That’s what the editors wrote about me and my blog:

For the second year in a row, Bertalan Meskó’s ScienceRoll is the Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog. This being one of our favorite categories, we’re excited to see our former editor have such success with his own blogging. Berci is a truly unique character. He has wholeheartedly embraced medical technology and is channeling future of medicine through his blog. He also teaches related topics at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Congrats Berci, this must be like winning two consecutive Olympic gold medals in Nordic combined!

I’m humbled and very happy to  be a part of this huge and prosperous medical blogosphere.

Thank you very much for the 892 votes.

Congratulations for the winners, for the nominees and for the fantastic Medgadget Team.

Medgadget Weblog Awards: Please Vote for Scienceroll!

The world’s best competition of medical blogs is ready to roll again on Medgadget. Scienceroll won the 2007 Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Category and now it is nominated again. There are really quality blogs in the category so we need each and every vote!

Thank you in advance!

2009 in Numbers and Entries

2009 was a great year for me and also for Scienceroll. I graduated from medical school and started PhD in clinical genetics. The second and third semesters of my “Medicine and Web 2.0” university course were finished. I was included in the The Future Health 100 list. Scienceroll had almost 500 blog posts and 500,000 page views. But now please enjoy the last 365 days’ most popular blog entries of Scienceroll.













Happy New Year! I hope to see you again in 2010! Scienceroll will come up with some exciting material in January.

Most Popular Posts of November, 2009

From month to month, I will create a list of the most visited entries of

Top 10 Entries of the Month

From now, I will frequently compile a list of the most visited, commented, retweeted entries of

Stay up to date online: Student BMJ

Alexander F Young, final year medical student, published a very comprehensive review in Student BMJ about how to stay up-to-date online. He also included

Subscribing to web feeds from medical blogs, such as KevinMD or ScienceRoll, which produce interesting articles, may direct you to further areas of interest. Because most dedicated bloggers update their sites often, web feeds are ideal to view their latest articles.

The newest Webicina eGuide about how to keep yourself easly up-to-date in medicine was only published last week, so he certainly didn’t know about that.

uptodate webicina

Here is the table of contents of the free Webicina eGuide: Weekly Introduction

      I would like to share my favourite and ongoing projects with you so I can give you a proper introduction to You can also find me on Twitter or on Friendfeed.

      Medicine 2.0 University Course: This is the second semester of the first university course that focuses on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students. Last semester, almost 50 students attended the 20 slideshows through 10 weeks and they filled a survey out before and after the course. I launched the second semester for English-speaking students (February – May, 2009). I’m open to launch the same course in Second Life.

      Medicine20 Course 4 by you.

      Medicine 2.0 Collection: I maintain the biggest collection of links and posts focusing on web 2.0 and medicine. is my service that aims to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages. main page

      PeRSSonalized Medicine is a free tool that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles in one personalized place. You can create your own “medical journal” and as we are totally open to suggestions, let us add the journals, blogs and websites that you would like to follow.


      Scienceroll Search is a personalized medical search engine powered by PolyMeta search and clustering engine. You can choose which databases to search in and which one to exclude from your list. It works with well-known medical search engines and databases and we’re totally open to add new ones or remove those you don’t really like.


      Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival and Microvarnival: The blog carnival focusing on web 2.0 and medicine. Let me know if you have a submission or if you want to host an edition.


      Gene Genie is the blog carnival of genes, personalized genomics and gene-related diseases. Our plan is to cover the whole genome before 2082 (it means 14-15 genes every two weeks). Let me know if you have a submission or if you want to host an edition.


      List of biomedical and scientific community sites: More than 30 communities with links, descriptions and screenshots.

      List of Biomedical video sites: Almost 40 sites featuring scientific or medical videos and videocasts.


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