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The Future of Cardiology: Check This Slideshow

Christian Assad Kottner, MD who I met at Futuremed last year now gave a talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Cardiology GSP14 track about the future of cardiology. The basic issues behind heart diseases, today’s interventions and the possibilities of the future from imaging to 3D bioprinting are presented in details in this slideshow.

The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference

Len Starnes, digital health guru approached me a few days ago about how I see the future of medical conferences. I told him my views and he just published an amazing presentation under the catchy title, The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference. Check it out!


A guide to the FDA for digital health entrepreneur: Slideshow

Rock Health published a slideshow about a guide to the FDA for digital entrepreneurs.

Only 78% of Doctors Identify Themselves in Their Twitter Bio

Kaiser Permanente published a survey analysis about the so-called social doctors. I think every doctor using Twitter for any medical purposes should identify themselves absolutely clearly.


Physician entrepreneurship and app development: Slideshow

Another great slideshow at the recent Medicine 2.0 Congress which I had to miss because I spoke in another session. Jennifer Dyer about developing a mobile app for patients.

Data Privacy & Security Laws & Standards Meet Medicine 2.0: Slidecast

David Harlow just published his slideshow with audio commentary which he presented at the recent Medicine 2.0.

Twitter and Medical Education: Slideshow

Here is an introduction to Twitter and social media concepts for use in continuing medical education.


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