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Health Literacy is The Missing Link in Patient-Physician Communication: Slideshow

I have to totally agree with the title of this slideshow. I’ve been working on including digital literacy (not health literacy though) in the medical curriculum for years through The Social MEDia Course. Click on the image below to access the slideshow.


Social Media in Healthcare: Presentation in Bilbao

Fellow medical blogger, John Sharp, had a presentation about social media and healthcare in Bilbao, Spain and posted the audio online. Enjoy!

The pros/cons of using social media in biomedicine: Slideshow

Here is a fantastic slideshow that I recently found on the blog of Dean Giustini, medical librarian.

Get Started With Twitter

Here is a great slideshow about using Twitter from the first steps.

State of the Internet 2012: Slideshow

The Social Media ROI Reform

Whenever I talk about social media in medicine, they ask me about ROI (return on investment) and I always have to tell them that in social media, ROI is different (e.g. ROC: Return on connections). This slideshow will make my job easier for sure:

Three things I’ve learned about Healthcare Social Media: Slideshow

Ed Bennett posted another great slideshow. He is the one who has been collecting information about the social media channels of US hospitals for years.

Web 2.0 and Social Media in Medical Education: Slideshow

Dr. Peter Murray, the director of the International Medical Informatics Association was so kind to share The Social MEDia Course in his recent presentation given at the Medical Education Informatics conference, April 06-07, 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Top 12 Slideshows of Fitness in 2012!

Have you ever tried to find quality, useful presentations (either Powerpoint or Prezi) focusing on fitness. Well, then you know how hard it is to select only great ones. Webicina published a list of curated presentations dedicated to the important topic of fitness.

Game Changers, Pharma Digital in 2012: Slideshow

Alex Butler, who recently left Janssen UK, just published a great overview of the digital pharma palette:


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