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Using social media personally, not professionally

I just came across a very interesting article about physicians using social media for personal reasons, not professional ones.

Physicians are, for the most part, staying away from social media interaction with patients, HealthLeaders Media reported.

Only 15 percent use Facebook in their work life, according to data from QuantiaMD. About 8 percent read blogs, 3 percent use Twitter and 3 percent get involved in patient communities.

I got similar results when I asked my medical students before and after my course about the purposes they use social media for and it seems they are digital, they are mobile, they are active in social media but for clearly personal reasons, not professional ones.

Believe me, that’s going to cause them problems later in their career, so at least we have to teach them how to use it properly and have to show them the ways they can leverage its power professionally.

Here is the first step!

How Social Media Can Revolutionize Medical Education

I co-authord a recent MedPage Today article about social media and medical education with Dr. George Lundberg. Check it out here!

Medical education and medical practice at all levels, already online in so many ways, can no longer remain aloof from social media.

When patients ask questions about the online world, or more precisely about social media, medical professionals should at least be aware of the issues and be able to give an honest, nondefensive, appropriate answer without hesitation.

After a presentation about this course at the Medicine 2.0 Congress at Stanford University in November 2011, a U.K. physician asked permission to travel to Debrecen, Hungary, every week during the semester just to attend the course. So, Dr. Mesko developed and launched a new global format called The Social MEDia Course.

Digital literacy in the medical curriculum worldwide!

I’ve been saying this for a long time. As the internet is becoming more and more important in medicine, we must include digital literacy in medical education as young doctors must learn about internet-related issues. I made the first step by launching a free, based online course with 16 relevant topics covered in social media and medicine. But I need your help!

Please spread the word about it and get the information about the course to your local medical school or association.

Many thanks!

Web 2.0 and Social Media in Medical Education: Slideshow

Dr. Peter Murray, the director of the International Medical Informatics Association was so kind to share The Social MEDia Course in his recent presentation given at the Medical Education Informatics conference, April 06-07, 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Microblogging in Medicine: Prezi and Test!

Do you know how microblogging platforms such as Twitter can be used in medical communication? Do you know how such a community can filter news for you? Do you know how it can be used for crowdsourcing a diagnosis?

The Microblogging in medicine prezi will answer all your questions and you can test your knowledge by taking the post test and earning your badge at the free Social MEDia Course!

Being Up-To-Date in the Medical Profession: Prezi and Test

Do you know how to keep yourself up-to-date online? Do you know how to get search results about your name, organization or practice without spending time and efforts? Do you know what RSS is?

The Being Up-to-date in medicine prezi will answer all your questions and you can test your knowledge by taking the post test and earning your badge at the free Social MEDia Course!

Get Your Badges While Learning About Social Media and Medicine! Play With Us!

The world’s first free, curriculum-based, social media course for medical students was just launched a few days ago. The Social MEDia Course offers 16 important topics with post-tests and some gamification. Let’s see what kind of badges you can earn while becoming social media-savvy from the medical perspective. The number of available badges is growing!


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