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Tweeting Live About Reading a Book: Social Media in Clinical Practice

Since my handbook, Social Media in Clinical Practice, was published, I’ve been receiving amazing feedback which makes me proud and happy. But maybe one of the most fantastic things I’ve seen belongs to Reyes-Miranda PNP-BC who started sharing notes and pieces of information about the chapters of the book while she is reading it on her Twitter channel using the hashtag #SMinClinicalPractice.

It makes reading a book a social experience!

Here are a few examples:




When a Patient is in Control of His Health: Posting ECG Results on Twitter

Hugo Campos is well known in the health 2.0/e-patient communities and now he made another step forward in changing healthcare. Even though I teach medical students not to give medical advice online, this little story should give us a glimpse about the near future of healthcare. He posted his ECG results (with AliveCor) on Twitter asking the opinion of cardiologists.

Earlier tonight, at around 7:25 pm, I noticed a fluttering sensation in my chest. My first thought was atrial fibrillation (AF). I’ve had quite a few runs of AF, so I’m familiar with its symptoms. I immediately grabbed my iPhone ECG recorder, licked the electrodes (I know, gross, but I wanted a sharp recording), lifted my shirt and placed the device against my chest hoping for a clean recording. Until now, I hadn’t been fast enough to catch an arrhythmia in action. But this time, I caught the tail end of the episode. I tweeted the experience.


The World’s First Twitterview

In 2008, Alain Ochoa from asked me to give him an interview via using only Twitter and we gave it a special name: Twitterview. It was fun and really challenging as I had to condense my thoughts into 140 characters.

Today, I accidentally bumped into a Wikipedia entry about Twitter usage and I found out that actually this was the world’s first twitterview ever. I couldn’t be more proud. I learn something new on Wikipedia every day. Here is the quote:

Although some sources say ABC News Correspondent George Stephanopoulos is credited with conducting the first official Twitterview in March 2009, when he spoke with Senator John McCain,[141] the truth is there had been twitterviews with such name before. One of the first was conducted in English and later translated to Spanish by Alain Ochoa at[142] -a Spanish healthcare news site- when he spoke to blogger/entrepreneur Bertalan Meskó (@berci) on December 10, 2008.

twitter health works collective


Only 78% of Doctors Identify Themselves in Their Twitter Bio

Kaiser Permanente published a survey analysis about the so-called social doctors. I think every doctor using Twitter for any medical purposes should identify themselves absolutely clearly.


Twitter Journal Club

There was a very interesting discussion on Twitter about medical journal clubs a few days ago, that’s how I came across Twitter Journal Club.

Twitter Journal Club is (as the name may suggest) a Twitter-based journal club. We meet fortnightly on Sunday nights at 8pm UK time (7pm GMT) to discuss & critique a variety of medical papers.

Social Media in Medicine Course: Week 4, Medical blogging

My university course at the Semmelweis University has been running with a great audience since early September and last week the topic was medical blogging. Students have a lot of questions and they seem to like these topics. Fortunately, the materials, hand-outs, the presentations are published on The Social MEDia Course as well as a test through which they can see how much they learnt.


Next week, I’m going to talk about microblogging with a special focus on Twitter from the medical perspective with many examples.

12 Doctors Worth Following on Twitter

I’m really glad that I got a place in the list of 12 doctors worth following on Twitter.

There is a wealth of knowledge being presented by doctors on Twitter. Here are twelve doctors I recommend you follow. If you want to start using Twitter as a health resource, this list will get you started and get you thinking. It is in no way comprehensive and is presented in no particular order. Follow these doctors and get healthy!


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