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Twitter and Medical Education: Slideshow

Here is an introduction to Twitter and social media concepts for use in continuing medical education.

Being Mentioned in TIME magazine

A great thing happened to me, it seems I was mentioned in the latest issue of TIME magazine. They described how crowdsourcing works through social media and used my story of crowdsourcing a rare diagnosis via Twitter as an example.

Life is just great!

Top 10 Influencers in Healthcare on Twitter

Symplur came up with a metrics system in order to analyze the top influencers regarding healtchare hashtags.

A popular feature on the Healthcare Hashtag Project is the customizable healthcare analytics page. You select a time period, we give you analytics with participation metrics, influencer metrics, and some beautiful graphs. We’ve mostly seen it being used for healthcare tweet chats and healthcare conferences. It’s just a simple way to quickly see what an impact an event had, and who was involved. Great for use in proposals and reports. We’re now adding some new features to this analytics page.

I was glad to see I’m second in the global top 10 list.

Why we need to include digital literacy in medical education

I’ve been working on including digital literacy in medical curriculum for long years now. It’s not the fault of medical professionals if they don’t know how to deal with e-patients as they have never been trained to acquire such skills. Here is one perfect example underscoring the notion I just described. An excerpt from one of my recent Twitter discussions.

Here is the e-patient course I mentioned to him.

Get Started With Twitter

Here is a great slideshow about using Twitter from the first steps.

10 physicians to follow on Twitter

Healthcare IT News published a list of physicians who have mastered the art of using Twitter for medical purposes and it’s a great honor for me to be included. Here is the short list without descriptions.

1. Kevin Pho, MD – @kevinmd

2. Mike Sevilla, MD – @drmikesevilla

3. Val Jones, MD – @drval

4. Tim Sturgill, MD – @SymTym

5. Bertalan Meskó, MD – @berci

6. Shelley Binkley, MD – @healthewoman

7. Mark Browne, MD – @consultdoc

8. Joseph Kim, MD – @DrJosephKim

9. Jay Parkinson, MD – @jayparkinson

10. Mehmet Oz, MD – @DrOz

European healthcare professionals on the Social Web: Self-service Directory

You may remember when I wrote about a self-edited directory of European healthcare professionals on Twitter which was launched by Andrew Spong after I tweeted that I’m the only European doctor in the top 25 of the global list of doctors on Twitter. Here is the interactive map version.

This project is getting more and more attention and hopefully this movement will result in a very useful list of European medical professionals being active on Twitter.

Now over 60 medical professionals are listed and the list is getting bigger and more detailed every day.

This was one of my crowdsourcing examples in my keynote at the recent Doctors 2.0 and You.


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