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MD Anderson and IBM Watson collaborate: Moon Shots Mission to end cancer

I might be too optimistic about the advances of technologies in medicine, but I believe we live in a great era. Here is how third generation computers or cognitive computers can help cancer centers fight different forms of cancer.


Social Media in Medicine: Interview at Medicine X

My interview about using social media in medical communication was just published. I was fighting serious jet lag that time, but I hope the conversation turned out to be useful and interesting.

Tim O’Reilly About the Future of Medicine

Tim O’Reilly had a comment on the future of medicine when he gave an interview to the FutureMed staff.

Nanobiosym Health RADAR Wins Grand Prize at Nokia Sensing XChallenge

The Nokia Sensing XChallenge is one of those driving forces that can initiate real innovations in healthcare and the new grand prize winner was just announced. Nanobiosym is taking the ability to diagnose disease and monitor personal health outside of a hospital or pathology lab.

Nanobiosym® (NBS) is an innovation engine dedicated to creating a new science that emerges from the holistic integration of physics, biomedicine, and nanotechnology. NBS focuses on incubating transformational technologies that have the potential for game-changing impact and commercializing and scaling up these technologies for deployment in developed and developing world markets. NBS leverages science and technology to address our planet’s greatest unmet needs in global health, energy and the environment.

Here is their team video:

The Innovation of Loneliness: Everyone Using Social Media Should Watch This Video

I will show this video to all medical students who attend my “Social Media in Medicine” course at Semmelweis Medical School. I think it will help them understand the offline-online balance.

3D Search Engine-Printer for the Visually Impaired

A blog focusing on issues related to design presented an amazing idea developed by Yahoo! Japan. The “Hands on Search” lets visually impaired children search for something with voice control and the device prints the object in 3D. See it yourself in the video below:

Stanford Hospital Uses Telemedicine: Steps to the Future of Hospitals

Video consultation with doctors is becoming a routine part of the care offered by the Stanford Hospital & Clinics. The technology behind it is not a real innovation, it was already introduced on the island of Hawaii in 2008, but it’s good to see such a prestigious hospital joining the world of telemedicine.

Patients can schedule video visits through the hospital website, in much the same way as they would schedule a traditional visit and provide information about their symptoms in advance of the visit through the scheduling application. At the appointed time, they meet with the doctor in a Web-based videoconference from a home or workplace computer equipped with a webcam.

Now that we know what elements and points are needed to design a much better healthcare system, what’s next?

A landmark report by the Royal College of Physicians in response to the NHS crisis has outlined 50 measures to modernise the service to cope with the demands of an ageing population, but critics question if there is the political will or money to make it a reality.


A Doctor Singing About Asthma

Social media provides us with many opportunities for reaching patients and focusing on disease awareness, but doing this by singing about asthma for patients, well that is a very unique way.

24 Hours of Health Innovation: A Global Conference Format

I gave a talk about crowdsourcing a medical diagnosis on Twitter at TEDxNijmegen this April (see the video below) and I already knew the organizers had something really innovative in mind for the next event as well.


Look at the extraordinary format:

Opening the 24 hour challenge in Nijmegen we’ll travel Westwards with the daylight around the Globe with healthcare institutions to host a slot with great idea’s, content, innovations and stories about healthcare. One timezone at a time we will run this conference LIVE in the internet. 24 hour after the start we’ll have a closing ceremony in Nijmegen again.

Here is the official trailer:


Why Would Agent Smith From Matrix Advertise GE’s Hospital Software?

Please someone help me understand why the evil Agent Smith from Matrix is used in the advertisement of General Electric’s new hospital software with such dramatic background music? I might be too conservative now, but advertising a hospital software this way in an era when doctors are threatened to lose their job because of super computers (they won’t), is certainly not a good idea and I don’t think it’s funny.


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