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The brand new Curating social media for patients and physicians

In 2008, I was a fifth year medical student and had a simple idea. I thought curated social media resources should be available to patients and physicians for free. My sister helped me launch a company and development of Webicina started right away. For six years, I treated it like a startup but eventually realized, making it free from advertisements and promotional content is the only way to make it purely educational.

In the last two years, I sat down with the best designers, developers and content strategists to redesign Webicina. I’m happy to announce that we’ve used your suggestions to transform Webicina into a constant feed of the best medical news and advice online, hand-picked by our experts.

Screen Shot 01-26-16 at 06.18 PM

We now help you solve all 3 of the major problems patients and physicians face when looking for answers to their health questions or browse medical news:

1) There’s too much information out there. People from cancer patients, patient influencers to leading researchers have told us that managing dozens of blogs, newsletters and social media grows old – fast. Webicina collects the latest news from the best, most reliable sources into one, easily manageable magazine. Start browsing your news feed! >>

2) It’s hard to tell facts from falsehoods. Google and other search engines can only gauge a site’s importance based on popularity – and have no way to decide about it’s medical factuality. It’s easy to mistake biased information or plain falsehoods for facts, and this can lead to severe consequences for your health or patients. That’s why our experts sift through thousands of news sites, blogs, podcasts and social media accounts, separating the ones with reliable information from the ones peddling false advice. Select the conditions or medical fields you’re interested in! >>

3) Saving or sharing useful medical information isn’t easy. Each of us want to stay healthy and live better. We all have communities, loved ones or patients we’d like to help do the same. But over time, this can get hectic, and it’s easy to lose important information among dozens of notes and bookmarks. Any information you find on Webicina can be saved, organized and shared with anyone with a click. Start by saving a useful blog post, news articles or tweet that made you think! >>


I cannot wait to hear what you think! You’d help greatly by telling me what you love and what we need to improve.

New Curated Social Media Resources on! curates medical social media resources from blogs and Facebook groups to community sites and Twitter channels. Every resource is checked by medical professionals and expert patients.

Here are the newest topics Webicina covered:


Success Stories in Empty Shop Windows

I was invited to present my story with in a project organized by Design Terminal. They cover the windows of empty shops with posters describing success startup stories in the streets of Budapest. Here is mine. Social media sometimes meets real life opportunities.


Top 100 Curated Social Media Resources About Menopause!

It’s always a pleasure announcing a new curated collection on, therefore here is Menopause in Social Media. This is a collection of menopause related blogs, podcasts, slideshows, mobile applications and community sites to help you keep yourself up-to-date. Wins Gran Prize by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce!

I just won the “Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award” with organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce! I truly believe this award will help us at Webicina achieve our mission and we can keep on serving e-patients and medical professionals with the best social media resources worldwide! Thank you!

The award is in the shape of a pine tree and was created by the Swedish artist, Anna Lundin.

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Best medical social media resources in Australia

The newest curation by Webicina focuses on the very best of medical social media resources from Australia! We hope you will enjoy that!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Social Media

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, affecting about 3 to 5 percent of children globally.

We curated only relevant and quality social media resources from blogs and podcasts to community sites and Twitter users focusing on this important health issue in the ADHD in Social Media selection.

We hope this will help affected parents and families find the information and resources they need.


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