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The Top 9 Books About The Future Of Medicine (Video)

I really love reading and thought I would summarize those 9 books which I like the most focusing on the future of medicine, healthcare and technology. Please share your favorite ones with me!

See similar topics covered in The Medical Futurist Youtube Channel.

Medical Videos on Youtube: Please Participate in a Study!

My friend and IMIA collegue, Luis Luque is working on a great study and is looking for participants (only medical professionals). On, we are working hard to give you free, but curated medical social media resources such as Youtube channels focusing on different conditions or specialties. And we really need such studies so please participate if you can. More details here.

You are invited to participate in a research study about online health videos. We are willing to invite healthcare professionals to participate. Please read this form and feel free to ask any question before you agree to participate.

Your participation: If you agree to participate we will provide you access to a web page where you will enter some anonymous information about you. Then you will answer questions about several videos.  The experiment will take around 30 minutes.

Pink Glove Dance

Pink Glove Dance is a really nice initiative created by the Providence Health & Services in order to generate breast cancer awareness. This is the original video.

Now several other healthcare institutions joined this movement:

Health 2.0 News: Youtube, Patient Data and Google Wave

Google wave is a great tool for collaboration , sharing , working and team tracking as well as a project management , its an interactive dynamic collaborating tool for teams. As Google wave built to be extend-able with new features powered by community of developers who also are users , they improve many features as well as adding many new other features to Wave , through flexible API developers manage to create extensions as well as make an automated buddies which more features.

1. Privacy is critical.
2. Check your school’s policy.
3. Think before you write.
4. Clean up your Facebook page.
5. Not so funny.
6. Pick your friends carefully.

Health 2.0 News: iFall and Marketing Hospitals

  • Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything

A team at Florida State University is developing software on Android phones to help detect falls and shorten the time it takes to alert emergency services. Unlike other fall-detection technology, this app adds fall detection capability to one of the most commonly-owned devices – your phone.

Genomics Education: Videos

Genome British Columbia has come up with a series of educational videos describing genomics, gene expression or genomics in everyday life.

(Via Genome Web)

Historical Medical Videos from Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust has a Youtube channel on which they feature videos from the 20th century including films about surgeries, medical issues and the everyday lives of doctors.

A new digital collection of moving images on 20th-century healthcare and medicine is now online. Over 450 titles – 100 hours of film and video – have been transferred and are freely available under Creative Commons licences.

Here are a few examples:

Cruel Kindness: a 1967 UK educational film about childhood obesity

Acute appendicitis from 1931:

Caesarean section from 1930:

(Hat tip: BoingBoing)


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