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Genomics Education: Videos

Genome British Columbia has come up with a series of educational videos describing genomics, gene expression or genomics in everyday life.

(Via Genome Web)

Historical Medical Videos from Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust has a Youtube channel on which they feature videos from the 20th century including films about surgeries, medical issues and the everyday lives of doctors.

A new digital collection of moving images on 20th-century healthcare and medicine is now online. Over 450 titles – 100 hours of film and video – have been transferred and are freely available under Creative Commons licences.

Here are a few examples:

Cruel Kindness: a 1967 UK educational film about childhood obesity

Acute appendicitis from 1931:

Caesarean section from 1930:

(Hat tip: BoingBoing)

What’s on the Web: Radiopaedia and Medical Videos

Health care is a personal issue that has become wholly public–as the national debate over reforming our system makes painfully clear. But what’s often lost in the gun-toting Town Hall debates about the issue is a clear vision about how medicine could work in the future. In this feature article, frog design uses its people-centered design discipline to show how elegant health and life science technology solutions will one day become a natural part of our behavior and lifestyle. What you see here is the result of frog’s ongoing collaboration with health-care providers, insurers, employers, consumers, governments, and technology companies. Radiology Teaching Files provide 50 quality cases per volume to help in the preparation for board exams, and to act as a quick reference.

This app is designed primarily with off-line use in mind, although links to online content are present.

plos publish science

The Resounding Health web site is a work in progress, brought to you by a group of physicians and computer scientists who believe that there is a revolution brewing in the way health care is sought and delivered, and that this change is being led by the creation of the ePatient — people who uses all the capabilties of modern-day information technology to enhance their understanding of medical conditions and diseases, and, by becoming better informed, play an active role in their own well-being.

resounding health

A new p

Mayo Clinic: Patient Stories

Mayo Clinic is one of the health institutes that has been open to web 2.0 for years now. Here is another reason for that, patient stories shared via Youtube.

Lee Aase, manager of Syndication and Social Media for Mayo Clinic, will attend the Dutch event (one of the best health 2.0 events this year in Europe) on the 12th and 13th of October organized by Lucien Engelen. I will also be there.

Youtube Channel of

I’ve already reported several new Youtube channels, but now launched its own. Why? The Great Beyond blog has the answer:

Where else can you watch items on genome analysis of the duck-billed platypus and new interpretations of the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism alongside whale evolution and mega-impacts on Mars? Nowhere, that’s where.

One example: Smoking and Lung

Further reading:

ScienCentral Channel: Genetic Genealogy

I’ve been a subscriber of the ScienCentral channel in Youtube for a while and there are really great videos about important topics such as genealogy (Blaine will certainly like it).

Genes don’t just tell whom you’re related to or why you look a certain way; now, they can also tell you where you came from. Researchers have created a genetic map of Europe, and they hope to expand it globally, as this ScienCentral News video explains.

New Youtube Channels

I wanted to share two new, medicine-related Youtube channels with you. The first one is managed by the Detroit Medical Center and focuses on medical animations, educational materials.

The second one was launched by Mark Senak, the blogger of Eye on FDA and focuses on:

The eyeonfda channel is an extension of my Weblog and is designed to collect video of interest to the pharmaceutical, biotech and public health communities and meant to aggregate health care videos along disease and issue specific lines.


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