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The Medical Futurist Youtube Channel: The Most Popular Videos

Here are the top videos on the Medical Futurist Youtube channel, just for fun:

1) Top 10 Medical Technologies in 2015

2) Top 10 Mistakes Made By Science Fiction Movies

3) Our Home Will Be The Hospital Of The Future?

Something Big Might Be Coming!

I might have an announcement soon. It might be about my personal story of upgrading health for over a decade. It might also include the best questions I have ever received about the future of medicine as a speaker. And answering those questions. And it might also point to the future of healthcare technologies.

I cannot tell you how excited I’m and I cannot wait to hear what you think about it! Details soon!


5 Things I Learnt On The Way To 50,000 Twitter Followers

I started using Twitter in 2007 and have been publishing thoughts, content and news about digital health since then almost on an hourly basis. I don’t care about numbers but when you reach a milestone, it keeps you thinking about what you have learnt on the way. Here are the 5 things I learnt while building a network of over 50,000 followers.


1) The slower, the better.

I could have followed tens of thousands of people irrelevant to my topics and gain a few more followers myself. But using Twitter has always meant being in the bloodstream of information and for this I chose to take it slow. It took me over 8 years to build my network and I’m glad I chose the wise way. I know many of those people in person or we have been in contact for years. It builds trust and leads to professional relationships.

2) There are no limits

I travel around the world almost constantly, but I’m based in Budapest. What I learnt is there are no physical or geographical limitations when millions of people are connected to each other. My network is mostly US-based but I can talk to any medical professional, patient or innovator who has something to say about forming the future of medicine.

3) We solve problems together

A lot of issues related to healthcare pop up in the stream of Twitter every day and we try to get the best people to think about the possible solutions. Through Twitter, I managed to crowdsource a complicated diagnosis, I get answers for very specific questions and make new contacts around the world.

4) People respond more easily

I talk with people by e-mail, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many more channels. In my experience, people tend to respond faster when approached on Twitter as they know the character limitation only lets them transmit the key part of the information without the garnish.

5) I get news on Twitter

Twitter is the best filter I have today to get the key news and announcements about digital health. Companies get in contact with me to test their products and wearable health trackers. Twitter sends me those tweets that received the biggest attention that day. If I still miss something, someone will send it to me personally.

Because of my Twitter network, I live in a limitless world full of opportunities and information.

Let’s tweet in touch!

20 Doctors You Should Be Following on Twitter

It’s always a pleasure to be included in such lists as I get to know others working in the field of digital health. Here is the full list and an excerpt:

Twitter can be the ideal platform for a physician to offer meaningful, relevant information to patients and colleagues. Getting started is the hardest part, but looking to others who have succeeded on Twitter can be a good way to draw inspiration. These 20 doctors are burning up their Twitter feeds and attracting massive followings—each in their unique way.


NASA Plans To Recycle Human Waste into Food

In its latest press release, NASA announced the selection of eight university-led proposals to study innovative, early stage technologies that will address high-priority needs of their space program. They award about $200,000 per year to each project for up to a possible three years of research.

The selected proposals for unique, disruptive or transformational space technologies will investigate challenges in the areas of solar cell operations at high temperatures, atmospheric entry model development, synthetic biology applications for space exploration and dynamic tensegrity-based space structures. Tensegrity is a property of structures that employs continuous tension and discontinuous compression to produce exceptionally strong structures for their mass.

One of the most exciting projects is “Synthetic Biology for Recycling Human Waste into Food, Nutraceuticals, and Materials” which could serve the needs for long-term space travel. It could provide the means to produce food, medical supplies and building materials on site at distant destinations using synthetic, biology-based approaches.


Looking Back At Today’s Healthcare From The Future in 2050 – Video

A lot of people ask me about the future of medicine and healthcare. What’s coming next, what about the future of radiology, genomics or health sensors. They ask me to make really sharp predictions. But instead of this, let’s do something else now. Let’s look back from 2050, and see what today’s healthcare included, what barbaric elements played an important role in today’s healthcare in the 2010s.

Please let me know if I missed something.


See more videos on The Medical Futurist Youtube Channel.

FitBit During Sex And Bionic Ear: News This Week

There are so many amazing announcements and news on the future of medicine and healthcare that I need to share some of them.

1) VeinVeiwer Vision2 Uses Near-Infrared Light To Generate Real-Time Imagery Of Patient’s Veins


2) ‘Bionic ear’ lets deaf boy hear his family for the first time


3) Woman Wore A Fitbit During Sex, Got Mansplained By Trolls


4) ‘Organs-on-chips’ go mainstream


You can also follow the latest news about the future of medicine and healthcare on The Medical Futurist Facebook page, Twitter account or the Weekly newsletter.


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