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Posts tagged ‘diabetes’ New Design, New Mission is my service that aims to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages.

Now we created a new design in order to help patients and doctors where find the content they are really interested in. main page main page

If you are a patient and looking for reliable health information and web 2.0 tools focusing on your medical condition, we built packages for you. Check out the Diabetes 2.0, Depression 2.0 packages and stay tuned for the next one, Cancer 2.0 that will be launched this Sunday. Patients' Page Patients' Page

If you are a medical professional, you can check the services we can provide you with, follow the latest medical news with PeRSSonalized Medicine and we will also make our medical personalized Web 2.0 Guidance Packages public next week. The first topic is rheumatology. Medical Professionals' Page Medical Professionals' Page

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Webicina Poll: Which Web 2.0 Guidance Package Next? is my service that aims to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages.

A few days ago, we released the first free medical web 2.0 guidance package focusing on diabetes. As this is meant to be a collaborative effort where we are totally open to your suggestions, we would like to ask you to decide which medical condition to focus on next.

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24 Hours with Diabetes

Kerri Morrone Sparling at shared her normal day with us in her post 24 Hours with Diabetes. Such posts can help other diabetic patients around the world so much.


Kerri sent me a lot of useful suggestions when creating the first Diabetes 2.0 package on Webicina.

Webicina: Web 2.0 Guidance Package about Diabetes is my service that aims to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages.

After weeks of hard work, I’m happy to announce we just made the first free patient package, Diabetes 2.0 Package, public. If you would like to know which web 2.0 tools can provide support or reliable health information, which communities to join and which quality blogs to read, I hope you will find Diabetes 2.0 Package interesting and useful.


As this is a totally free service, please share your suggestions with us!

Check out the table of contents:

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      Diabetes365: The best e-patient project ever

      Kerri Morrone is one of the most famous e-patients nowadays. She runs the popular Sixuntilme blog that focuses on diabetes management and now finished a one-year-long project, the Diabetes365 (check the Flickr image collection out):

      Over the last 366 days (leap year added the extra challenge), I’ve lived my life with my camera at the ready, snapping photos of everything from CGM sensors to snacks … and the moments in between.  I thought that the Diabetes 265 project would make me feel like diabetes is an overwhelming facet of my life, but instead I’ve seen that diabetes truly does not define any of us.  We can grab pictures of our meters and our pump sites, but there’s also so much LIFE going on between all these moments of diabetes management.

      Why is it important?

      Because Kerri can provide other patients with sometimes more information on diabetes than their own doctors. She can give support and help to diabetic people around the world. And let’s be honest here. If you find out you have a chronic medical condition, do you check a medical website first or start reading other patients’ stories?

      E-patients become guides for other patients. And healthcare needs these valuable guides more than ever…

      More on e-patients:

      Online Communities: Diabetes

      I’ve already written about a few diabetic community sites such as D-Life and TuDiabetes.Now I would like to share two other sites with you:



      If you want to know more about the role of web 2.0 tools in diabetes management, check my interview with Kerri Morrone.

      Please let me know if you happen to know or use other diabetes communities.

      Blogabetes: Bloggers about Diabetes!

      The most comprehensive and valuable patient support groups of the web focus on diabetes. dLife is a unique site dedicated to people dealing with diabetes:

      The number one source that empowers millions of diabetes patients and those who care for them to live well with diabetes. dLife is the place for all aspects of your diabetes life — information, inspiration, and connection with others who share your challenges and concerns.

      And now it launched Blogabetes, a blog aggregator featuring the most interesting articles of bloggers who have diabetes and want to share their experiences, advices with other patients. It’s a great idea and a well-structured method.

      One of the featured bloggers is Kerri Morrone whose Behind the Scene Scienceroll interview can be found here.

      For more on diabetes and web 2.0:


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