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Social Media in Clinical Practice: Chapter 10, Organizing Medical Events in Virtual Environments

When I realized Springer made the individual chapters of my book, Social Media in Clinical Practice, available, I thought it would be useful for future readers to get some insights about each chapter one by one.

Here is the short summary of what you can read about and an excerpt of the tenth chapter, Organizing Medical Events in Virtual Environments:

Virtual environments have been used in cases when geographical limitations did not make real world meetings possible; when cost effective forms of communication or collaboration are needed or conferences have to be recorded, accessible online and archived. The combination of a community, learning materials, simulations and methods for communication can add up as a virtual environment. Virtual reality (VR) is a term applying to computer-simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds. Moreover, the number of virtual worlds has been increasing for the past few years.Basic definitions used in wikis

  • Examples of Using Second Life in Medicine
  • The steps of entering Second Life
  • Ways of communication in Second Life
  • Organizing an Event in Second Life
  • Second Life Alternatives


Chapters that have already been covered:

Health News in Second Life: The Anatomy of Avatars



And a great presentation by PF Anderson about medical librarianship.

Pharmatopia: Pharmacology in Second Life

I’m a fan of the educational places of Second Life and Pharmatopia is one of the best examples how this virtual world could be used successfully in education. Robbo from BitingTheDust told me about the Pharmatopia project and asked the organizers to give me a guest account for a few days.

A key initiative is the development of an interactive virtual tabletting research and development laboratory, available online through Second Life, which gives students the opportunity to complete a range of activities that are available 24/7. Developed by the faculty, this new virtual teaching model is a shared practice model involving ten leading pharmacy schools from around the world.

Monash has purchased a closed-access island (not available to the public) in Second Life, a virtual world,  available to staff and students at participating universities.  The island has been christened ‘Pharmatopia’, and as the name suggests, aims to develop a pharmacy education ‘oasis’.  The cost of the island is low and access for students is free.

Dr. Ian Larson describes what the project is about:

And screenshots I made:





Further reading:

Obama healthcare team and Second Life

How many times have I tried to promote the educational opportunities Second Life provides?

Well, now the healthcare team of Barack Obama tries to see how such a virtual world could be used while reforming healtchare.

Draxtor Despres has recently participated in a community discussion on healthcare and looked at the potential:


The Use of Virtual Reality in Addiction Medicine

One of the demonstrations at this year’s Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17 conference I can’t wait to see is the demonstration of Chris Culbertson (Neuroscience Ph.D. student) who will present how virtual reality can be used in addiction medicine:

Demonstration: Use of VR in Addiction Medicine. During the exposure, participants are encompassed within a sensory isolation apparatus, including a 32” LCD monitor and a surround-sound audio system.  Participants interact with the specially created virtual world in Second Life, run from a standard Dell PC, using a simple gaming remote control.  An additional monitor is placed outside of the apparatus for outside observation.


This method can be used in behavioral pharmacology research and it also makes it possible to improve cognitive behavioral treatments and exam drug taking behavior in a naturalistic environment. Read more about it.

Further reading about this year’s MMVR17:

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17: The Salon and The Well

This year, I will attend again the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17 conference that will take place in Long Beach, CA between the 19th and the 22nd of January. Now I’m a member of the organizing committee and have been managing a blog for the conference for a few months.

I will present a slideshow “Practicing medicine in the web 2.0 era” and will also present in the Salon:

Berci Meskó
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Demonstration: Discovering the Virtual World of Medicine through Second Life provides medical educators and students with numerous educational opportunities and tools while visiting the places and islands that can change the way medical education is delivered today.


Today Kóan Jeff Baysa asked several of the Well & Salon artists. Check these out here.

Scifoo lives on: Vote!

Scifoo lives on is a conferences series launched by Jean-Claude Bradley. After several successful events, we keep on organizing new ones but now would like you to weigh in. Which topic we should dedicate the next sessions to in 2009?

Further reading:


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